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B.Sc. Nursing (Semester) : Pokhara University

Bachelors of Science in Nursing at Pokhara University is a 4 years course which falls under the faculty of Pharmacy and Nursing. This program targets to prepare professional nurses with the highest possible technical and managerial level of health programs, including problem identification, planning, implementation, training, health, education and research.

This course helps the nursing students for the best and perfect Nursing course within 4 years of interval

List of B.Sc. Nursing (Semester) Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for B.Sc. Nursing (Semester) programs:


The main objectives of this course it to deliver nursing educational programs that prepare health workers to practice in the rapidly changing health and the environment.

This course also recruit and retain a diverse population of students and faculty.

  • This course also helps to instill professional ethics and standards as an essential component of practices of nursing, science and medicine.
  • This course also helps to incorporate the best practices in health science and education.

Admission Requirements


Course of Study

1st Semester

  • Anatomy and Physiology I
  • Biochemistry
  • Pharmacology/Therapeutics
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Technical English
  • Principle and Practice of Nursing I
  • Laboratories and Practicum

2nd Semester

  • Anatomy and Physiology II
  • Microbiology and Immunology
  • Patho-Physiology and Instrumentation
  • Principle and Practice of Nursing II
  • Principle and Practice of Nursing III
  • Community Health Nursing I
  • Laboratories and Practicum

3rd Semester

  • Community Health Nursing II
  • Community Health Nursing III
  • Community Health Nursing IV
  • Nursing Concept and Theories I
  • Nursing Concept and Theories II
  • Medical Sociology and Health Psychology
  • Practicum

4th Semester

  • Adult Health Nursing I
  • Adult Health Nursing II
  • Adult Health Nursing III
  • Adult Health Nursing IV
  • Adult Health Nursing V
  • Adult Health Nursing VI
  • Practicum

5th Semester

  • Child Health Nursing I
  • Child Health Nursing II
  • Basic Epidemiology I
  • Community Health Nursing V
  • Mental Health Nursing I
  • Mental Health Nursing II
  • Practicum

6th Semester

  • Obstetrical (Midwifery) Nursing I
  • Obstetrical (Midwifery) Nursing II
  • Obstetrical (Midwifery) Nursing III
  • Obstetrical (Midwifery) Nursing IV
  • Obstetrical (Midwifery) Nursing V
  • Practicum

7th Semester

  • Obstetrical (Midwifery) Nursing VI
  • Community Health Nursing VI
  • Bio-statistics
  • Gynecological Nursing I
  • Practicum

8th Semester

  • Education I
  • Education II
  • Health Research Methodology
  • Nursing Management I
  • Nursing Management II
  • Practicum

Scope and Career Prospects

The Graduates can server in various types of positions at national, regional, zonal, district and local level. The Bachelors of Science in Nursing will be appointed in various kinds of governmental and non-governmental organizations, health agencies, communities, hospitals, schools, campuses and institutions. Other areas involve special responsibilities, e.g. working directly with local communities and individuals, working primarily with school teachers, administering health education services, and preparing health workers in nursing fields.

In, general the B Sc. Graduates should be able to carry out the responsibilities of various health institutions such as Nursing Officer, Faculty, basic Level Researcher and Direct Care Provider

Furthermore the graduates can pursue their education anywhere in Nepal or foreign countries with variety of options of nursing.

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