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Bachelors of Arts is an undergraduate course which takes three or four years to complete depending on the country. Purbanchal University offers a Bachelor's degree in Bachelor of Arts program which is a 3 years course. This course falls under the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. This course is designated to help the students enhance intangible and hypothetical understandings and methodologies of particular subjects.

Students will be able to use their theoretical knowledge and practical skills to pursue their career in any profession as consultant, community development officer, human right activist, University lecturer, journalist, administrator, banker, trade unionist, company executive, political leader, teacher, employee at organizations like NGO, INGO and other Governmental Organization services.

Students can also specialize in this program in fields like Philosophy, English and Linguistics, Sociology, Religious Studies, Economics, History, etc. Moreover, the foundation of the course enables the students to pursue higher study Master's Degree in any university of the world.

List of Bachelor of Arts Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Bachelor of Arts program under Purbanchal University in Nepal.

Objectives of Bachelor of Arts

The main objectives of Bachelors of Arts program are as follows:

  • To provide the students with an unresolved solution and education in social sciences, humanities and languages as well as understating of selected fields of study.
  • To provide students with firm academic foundation who wish to continue to study in abroad.
  • Entree and appreciate national and international arguments in dedicated areas of education.
  • To provide students with wide knowledge in the course of humanities and social sciences to get exposed to numerous employment opportunities.
  • To sharpen social analytical skill that makes them capable of participating in social programs and communicates people of all fields. 
  • This course helps to be proficient in the use of appropriate modern technologies, such as computer and other information technology systems. Thus, helps to qualify for employment in a wide range or occupations.
  • To train the students with teaching ability, field research and handle social issues of public and private enterprises.

Admission Requirements in Bachelor of Arts

The desired student must have completed the intermediate/proficiency or any equivalent level in Humanities,Sciences or Management Stream from any recognized institution. The applicant must appear and pass the written entrance examination conducted by the Purbanchal University. Qualifying student will be called for a personal or group interview. The selection of the students will be based mainly on academic qualifications and written test.

Bachelor of Arts Syllabus

Below is the detailed P.U (Purb) Bachelor of Arts Syllabus.

1st Year

  • CENG 101: Com. English I
  • CNEP101: Nepali Byarkaran tatha bodh ra abhibyakti
  • M.ENG101: A Concise History of English Literature (Paper I)
  • M.NEP101: Nepali Aakhyan ko adhyan (Paper 1)
  • M.ECO101: Mirco Economic Analvsis (Paper I)
  • M.ENG.102: Introduction to English Language and Linguistics (Paper-II)
  • M.ENG.102: Nepali Kabita Ko Adhyan (Paper II)
  • M.ECO102: Nepalese Economy and Contemporary Issues (Paper-II)
  • M.SOC101: Introduction to Sociology (Paper I)
  • M.SOC.102: Introduction to Anthropology (Paper-II)

Below is the detailed P.U (Purb) Bachelor of Arts Syllabus.

2nd Year

  • CENG201: English II
  • M.SOC201: Sociological Perspective: Micro and Macro
  • M.SOC202: Society and Culture in Nepal
  • M.NEP201: Samanya ra aitihasika bhasa bigyan tatha lipi bigyan
  • M.ENG201: Study of British and American Essays
  • M.ECO201: Banking Public Finance and International Trade
  • M. NEP202: Nepali Natak ko Adhyan
  • M.ENG202: Study of British and American Poetry
  • M.ECO202: Macro Economics

Below is the detailed P.U (Purb) Bachelor of Arts Syllabus.

3rd Year

  • CRES301: Research Methodology
  • CCOM301: Computer Fundamentals and Applications
  • M.SOC301: Diversity and Inequality in Nepal
  • M.SOC302: Intersectionality: Class, Caste, Gender & Religion Based Inequality
  • M.ECO301: Agriculture Economy
  • M.ENG.301: Short Stories and Novella
  • M.NEP301: Nepali bhasa ra sahitya ko aitihasik adhyan

Scope and Career Prospects

Bachelor of Arts graduate are trained to face the social issues of the country. They are prepared with ideas required for today's changing world as they are taught communication skills, problem solving attitude, teamwork strategies and critical thinking which are the most acquired factors that a modern employee must possess in this field. The scope of this field is great inside and outside Nepal as one can find its job destination in following areas:

  • Teaching
  • Journalism
  • Community sectors
  • Creative Arts Administration
  • Software Development
  • Government and Non-Government organizations
  • Corporate Management

If the graduate is strongly leaned towards welfare of the community, society or country, then there are many national and international welfare organizations, UNICEF, Foundations, NGOs and INGOs where he can start a career.

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