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The Bachelor of Information Technology is an academic module containing of some basic unit and advanced unit. Purbhanchal University undertakes this programme in different colleges inside and outside Kathmandu valley. This course design in core unit it covers the fundamental of information studies providing some knowledge on programming skills, system design, computer architecture and communication while in advance course of study it enables student to develop their logics on area of multimedia, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Technology, Internet and developing web content.

This course encourages students in enhancing their idea through development of information system by interacting among different people. This course generally focuses on building an in-depth understanding walk through core science and skills related information system. The syllabus generally focus on computer software engineering, AI(Artificial Intelligence), programming languages and skills ,data structures and data mining, and other aspect/disciplines of information technology. It gives knowledge needed for a long-term career in IT rather than the basic skills to get the first job. The program also offers scientific and technical depth along with study in areas such as management, communications and aspects of human behavior.

Hence, this degree programme is very suitable for young generation which helps to secure their life in terms of money and skills. For successful completion of bachelor degree program the student must study for four years duration time in order to meet their credit hours of study. Purbhanchal University has initiated this module for better enhancement on Information throughout their career. The course syllabus are updated which helps in providing the better knowledge of their course content with practical based studying environment.

List of Bachelor of Information Technology Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for Bachelor of Information Technology program under Purbanchal University in Nepal.

Objectives of Bachelor of Information Technology

The use of Information Technology has become a part of our life. Emerging technology and its knowledge has got various objectives such as:

·         To prepare proficient IT professionals in the use of computers & technical skills.

·         To develop problem-solving information system based on real time complications.

·         To develop students understanding in Object-Oriented software design under SDLC methodologies.

·         To prepare students through different training program by collaborating managerial skill with information technology systems.

·         To develop abilities and interpersonal skills for effective participation and leadership in market.

·         To provide strong foundation for further studies to MIT, MSCIT, MBA, MCA and MS in computer sciences.

This module contains various objectives and scope in information technology. The main objective of this course is to build strong manpower or professional to work under real life environment which makes others to work easy. It helps in analyzing, designing and implements computer-base systems relation on job-oriented programmes in different sectors. (i.e.: Internet Web Application, Multimedia, Mobile Communications, Desktop Applications, and Social Sites). Hence, due its beneficial importance and its demand in market this degree is getting more popular among young generation due to rapid emerging technology/systems. 

First Semester

  • BIT101SH: Mathematics-I
  • BIT170CO: Fundamentals of Information Technology
  • BIT105SH: Technical Communication (English)
  • BIT120EL: Basic Electrical System & Circuit
  • BIT190MS: Principles of Management
  • BIT175CO: Computer Programming-I
  • BIT178CO: Project-I

Second Semester

  • BIT102SH: Mathematics-II
  • BIT130EC: Electronics Devices & Circuit
  • BIT173CO: Digital Logic
  • BIT191MS: Financial Management & Accounting
  • BIT176CO: Object Oriented Programming in C++
  • BIT179CO: Project-II

Third Semester

  • BIT270CO: System Analysis & Design
  • BIT272CO: Microprocessor & Assembly Language
  • BIT273CO: Data Structure & Algorithm
  • BIT275CO: User Interface Design
  • BIT278CO: Project-III
  • BIT280CO: Numerical Methods

Fourth Semester

  • BIT231EC: Communication System
  • BIT271CO: Computer Organization
  • BIT274CO: Web Technology-I
  • BIT276CO: Database Management System
  • BIT279CO: Project-IV
  • BIT281CO: Discrete Mathematics
  • BIT292MS: Marketing Management

Fifth Semester

  • BIT303SH: Probability & Statistics
  • BIT307SH: Society & Ethics in IT
  • BIT372CO: Data Communication
  • BIT374CO: Web Technology-II
  • BIT375CO: Computer Graphics
  • BIT377CO: Operating Systems
  • BIT378CO: Project-V

Sixth Semester

  • BIT370CO: Embedded System Programming
  • BIT373CO: Computer Network
  • BIT371CO: Data Mining and Data Warehousing
  • BIT376CO: Advanced Object Oriented Programming
  • BIT379C0: Project VI
  • BIT308SH: Research Methodology

Seventh Semester

  • BIT472CO: Artificial Intelligence
  • BIT474CO: Network Programming
  • BIT475CO: Software Engineering
  • BIT476CO: MIS
  • BIT477GI: Elective-I
  • BIT478CO: Project VII

Eighth Semester

  • BIT470CO: E Commerce
  • BIT471CO: Wireless Communication System
  • BIT473CO: Software Project Management
  • BIT480SA: Elective- II (System Administration)
  • BIT479CO: Apprentice Project

Scope and Career Prospects

BIT Graduates are well packed with different technical skills and are highly demanded by Information companies. Students have excellent opportunities in managerial and leading positions in market.  The scope for BIT graduates is very wide where they can work under different companies on different level such as Network Administrator, Internet Management, Database Administration, Web Advertising and Marketing etc. Due to its emergence in Information system various skilled people are also recruited towards developed countries for further studies and increase their source of income. Being expert even in one filed in system analyst, project manager, software developer, website developer or designer, SEO/SMM expert, Database Administrator can be the successful person in near future by creating new business possibilities. 

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