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Master's Degree in Human Rights is an interdisciplinary academic program, which focuses on the human right at both national and international level. This program is introduced to produce educated and skilled manpower with an in-depth understanding of authority. The program gives stress on human privilege research methodology, discussion & presentation skills, as well as writing skills along with practical training in the major disciplines of virtue.

This master level program offered by the Purbanchal University (PU) gives a basic knowledge in the central human rights institutions, practices, and process. This program is of 1 year duration. This program covers a large range of liberty issues and gives equal emphasis on both theoretical and practical aspects of subject matters. While studying this program, students need to undertake subjects, such as Gender and Disadvantaged Groups, Civil and Political Right, Economic, Social and Cultural Rights and Human Rights Standards and Enforcement Mechanism and should perform field research and prepare a thesis.

Objectives of Master's Degree in Human Rights

The major goal of Master's Degree in Human Rights program is to produce academically sound graduates who can contribute in the arena of human rights and provide students with an understanding of fundamental concepts, theories, and history of human right embedded in both Western and Eastern values/ cultures.

Students Outcomes:          

Upon completion of Master Degree in Human Rights program, students are expected to be able to:

  • Describe the principles of virtue.
  • Convey knowledge and teach others about the integrity of human beings
  • Demystify misleading projection and explication of principles along with values of privilege.
  • Evaluate the alleged cases of right violations and refer them to the agencies for actions

Career and Scope

Master's Degree in Human Rights degree prepares graduates for various careers such as researchers, teachers, and advocates of social justice. They can find employment opportunities in both government departments and private organizations, like community development organizations, economic development agencies, and international relief agencies.

Job Prospects:

Over the past decades, the employment opportunity in the field of human rights has broadened. An individual with Master degree in Human Rights has the option to pursue their career as:

  • Health care professional
  •  Researcher
  • Journalist
  • Financial analyst
  • Educator
  • Grant writer
  • Media specialist
  • Community organizer
  • Development associate
  • Project coordinator
  • Executive director
  • Senior program director
  • Legal counsel

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