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The Master of Science in Life Sciences at Purbanchal University focuses on important aspects of current biomedical research and applied engineering technologies for various fields like Molecular Medicine, Neurosciences and Bio computational Sciences. This course is programmed to meet the needs of the working teachers, science graduates and professionals who are interested in life sciences. This course is designed and made manageable to make it suitable for all the previous educational background.

The examination is given on the basis of semesters.

List of M.Sc. Life Science Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for M.Sc. Life Science program under Purbanchal University in Nepal.

Objectives of M.Sc. Life Science

  • The Masters of Science in Life Sciences teaches Neurosciences and molecular courses.
  • This course helps for the better understandings of brain utility, biological systems, fundamental appliances of cancer roots and transmittable diseases. Thus, they give students knowledge related to new therapeutic strategies and technological tools which helps to identify new therapeutic biomarkers and targets.
  • This course helps for studying biological systems modeling as well as better understanding with various modern computational approaches necessary for the operation of large database such as those of human genome.
  • Master of Science in Life Sciences is a strong foundation for a PhD or career research in the pharmaceutical industry. Many services and careers’ doors are opened in medtech and biotech industries from this course.
  • This course also aims to provide teachers and science graduates with specialized knowledge in the field of life sciences.

Scope and Career Prospects

The graduates of this course can specialize in various subjects like:

  • Chemistry
  • Environmental Science
  • Zoological Sciences
  • Applied Plant Sciences
  • Clean Energy Physics

After receiving the trainings of the basic concepts from this course you will gain knowledge and experience in life science which gives you many opportunities to interact and explore vast new sectors in life science.

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