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Purbanchal University offers a master's degree in Master in Population and Rural Development program which falls under Arts faculty. It is a 2 years (4 semesters) course comprising of 66 credit hours. The students are required to take non-credit courses as well
The program focuses on growing requirement and its complication in development activities. This course aims on producing an analytical manpower in wide array for development agencies. The module includes some gender empowerment and representation which are the main categories to be analyzed on different gender studies concerning men and women's studies, sex, and politics.
During this course of study the student are expected to carry out some projects works, assessments, general group discussion etc. on relevant field according to their subject content/syllabus. This course generally offers distinguished contents as well as important module contents for development of student thinking capabilities on innovative approaches and methodologies.
While talking about Rural Development, it generally response the major issues facing currently by different rural communities. Rural development planning has become an important subject in order to bring some positive changes which can mitigate different aspect affecting in these communities.

Objectives of MSc in Population and Rural Development

The major objectives of MSc Population and Rural Development course are listed below:

  • To provide information about the contribution of the genders on various fields of literature, history, psychology, media, languages, law, developments and medicine
  • To help in analyzing location, native, racism, nationality, etc. of population.
  • To learn to conduct research processes on rural development activities and gender justice and inequalities.
  • To provide better understanding of the present scenario relating poverty, social-human and economic security, rural development frameworks/ methodologies, unemployment and gender inequality.
  • The main purpose of including gender study throughout this program is to provide better understanding of sex and gender on positive and negative environmental influences.
  • To demonstrate the better understanding about gender issues affecting population.
  • Demonstrating different understanding of abuse and their rights based on gender with different major aspects like: nationality, class, culture, ethnicity, and other important critical variables.

Admission Requirements in MSc in Population and Rural Development

The students holding a bachelor degree in any field can apply for MSc in Population and Rural Development course. The applicants should appear in an entrance examination set by Purbanchal University. Qualifying candidates are now eligible for the admission procedure. The admission of the candidates is totally on the merit basis. Maximum of 30 seats are made available for the students for this program.


There's a wide range of scholarship opportunity for the deserving students. Year topper is provided with 75% off in their tuition fee. Students interested to apply for scholarship must submit confirmation from the sponsoring organization or funding agency.

Career and Scope

The Master in population and rural development program deals with the study regarding rural economy and rural resource management keeping in the view the poverty issues, and rural/ urban development.
After completion of this program, the student will be able to join various social agencies, public INGOs, Human and Gender Rights critics and analysis etc. which can be very fruitful for developing rural area communities. In recent time, rural development course is getting high attention. Students are interesting in bringing about changes in the rural areas. This course innovates new ideas in students to bring positive changes in rural economy, deep structural change in rural areas and cultural and social transition.
Students can develop the critical thinking/reasoning and analytical skills required for analyzing current gender relations by comparing with different social aspects (Sex, Gender, rights, rural development, uplifting rural areas people, ethnicity, nationality ).
MSc in Population and Rural Development graduates can get job opportunities in such organizations that carry development projects in rural areas. It may be governmental or non-governmental, profit or non-profit organization. To pursue such career means to directly or indirectly serve the country and its people.

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