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Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing (PBBN) degree offered by the Purbanchal University (PU) is a three years course designed to produce professional care takers with a specialty in Psychiatric, hospital, midwifery and community treatment sectors. According to Purbanchal University (PU), this program equips the students with the managerial and technical expertise in various health programs, like health education, problem recognition, training, planning, implementing, research and evaluation.

This degree consists of fourteen theoretical and practical subjects. As per the syllabus of Purbanchal University (PU), the syllabus includes of subjects like Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, Anatomy and Physiology, Biochemistry, Microbiology/ Para cytology/ Virology, Biochemistry, Basic Science/ Nutrition Practicum, Nutrition and Dietetics, Medical Surgical (Theory), Medical Surgical (Practical), Child Health (Theory), Child Health (Practical), Theories and Principles of Nursing, Professional English and Behavioral Science. However, the PBBN program by Purbanchal University (PU) mainly focuses on the following three specialized areas:

  • Hospitals
  • Community Treatment Center
  • Midwifery

The profession of care giver is being more challenging and the demand for care giver is also increasing day by day with the advancement of technology and rapidly changing health need of the people. Thus, some of the numerous universities in Nepal, which are affiliated to Purbanchal University (P.U) are offering a comprehensive PBBN program to help the students by giving proper practical skills along with the theoritical knowledge.

Objectives of Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing

The major goal of this program is to produce skilled nurses with specialized practical skills, vast knowledge as well as with decent positive attitudes which is required to deliver qualitative health services. Some of the major objectives of this program are listed below:

  • Provide in-depth knowledge along with practical skills which is required to enhance the intellectual ability of the students.
  • Improves the skills of students in analysis, evaluation, design and measurements for health system research and applied science.
  • Enhance the communication as well as the teamwork skills of the students.
  • Enable the students to deal with various management issues regarding health.
  • Provides comprehensive education in health programming, health promotion and health strategies in order to upgrade the skill of hard working students.

Admission Requirements in Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing

Eligibility Criteria for the Admission:

  • The interested applicants must have to complete Proficiency certificate Level in Nursing from the universities or institutes recognized by Nepal Nursing Council (NNC).
  • Applicants must have to obtain minimum of second division in the PCL or any equivalent degree of PCL.
  • Applicant must have to secure at least pass marks i.e. fifty percent in the entrance exam conducted by the Purbanchal University (P.U).

Career and Scope

The graduates with PBBN degree from Purbanchal University (P.U) can work in different types of positions at local, zonal, regional, district and national level. They can find employment opportunities in hospitals, health centers, colleges, any public and private health sector and universities. Additionally, graduates can also find employment opportunities at:

  • Surgery Centers
  • Medical Centers
  • Treatment Homes
  • Rehabilitation Clinics
  • Research Centers
  • Urgent Care Centers

This degree holder can work as advanced-practice nurses, registered nurses, psychiatric, care giver, home health assistants as well as nurses and many more.

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