Entrance Notice

Exam form submission start date: Shrawan 28, 2080 (August 13, 2023)
Exam form submission deadline (single fee): Bhadra 31, 2080 (September 17, 2023)

Applicants need to have successfully completed the Proficiency Certificate Level (I.Sc.) or Secondary Education 10+2 (Science) or an equivalent examination. For those aspiring to enroll in the Biological Group, they must have achieved a perfect score of 200/200 in English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, with a minimum of a second-class or Final Grade C in each subject. As for those interested in the Physical Group, they should have obtained a score of 200/200 in English, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, along with at least a second-class or Final Grade C in each subject. For individuals pursuing A level studies, a minimum E Grade is required.

Necessary Documents for Uploading
Before commencing the registration process, you should have the following documents ready:

  • Bank Voucher (Payment made at GLOBAL IME counter) OR Deposit Slip (e-banking/eSewa/ConnectIPS/Khalti payment)
  • Recent Passport Size Photo (Clear and adhering to standard photo requirements)
  • Academic Transcript (For Grade 11-12 inclusive OR Grade 12 Transcript & Grade 11 Marksheet OR Equivalent) - Convert to PDF format if including marksheets!
  • Equivalence Certificate (if applicable)
  • Marksheet (For SLC/SEE or Equivalent)
  • Citizenship Certificate OR Valid ID Card (with relevant information only)
  • Scanned Copy of Candidate's Signature (Use black ink only, in PNG format)

In case you encounter any issues related to the application form, feel free to call us at +977-01-4330844 (Office hours: 10:00 am to 4:00 pm) or reach out via email: bsc@iost.tu.edu.np. (Please note that only email-related concerns will be addressed.) General information is provided by the fan. Any inquiries beyond technical matters will not be addressed. For Bank payment queries: 014336264, for eSewa payment: 9801050859, for Khalti payment: 9801856475 & 9851314754.

To fill the entrance form please click the link below: http://entrance.tuiost.edu.np:82/Registration/Instruction

BSc Physics | TU

"Bachelor of Science in Physics" or "BSc Physics" is a 4-year annual degree program awarded by the Institute of Science and Technology, Tribhuvan University(TU), and its constituent campuses. The duration of this program was changed from 3 years to 4 years in the year 2069 BS (2012 A.D). Physics deals with the study of the physical properties of the universe, ranging from the smallest subatomic particles to the largest faraway galaxies. It encompasses the study of time, matter, energy, space, atoms, and their interactions to uncover the most fundamental and basic principles underlying the existence of our universe. Physics is crucial for understanding the makeup of our world and the world beyond us as well.

Objectives of BSc Physics

The objectives of Tribhuvan University(TU) in BSc Physics program are as follows:
  • To demonstrate competency in knowledge of the most fundamental laws of physics.
  • To exhibit critical thinking skills necessary for pursuing higher-level careers in research within academic institutions and other industries, with the aim of applying physical principles more widely.
  • To demonstrate the skills to challenge existing theories and quantitative models, refine them, and develop new models through observations and experiments.
  • To prepare graduates to pursue MSc and doctoral degrees at top research universities worldwide.
  • To develop analytical thinking skills, technical skills, and proficiency in the practical use of laboratories and research facilities.

Admission Requirements in BSc Physics

The eligibility requirements for candidates seeking admission at Tribhuvan University(TU) and its constituent campuses for BSc Physics program are as follows:

  1. The candidate must have completed 12 (10+2) years of formal education with at least a second division.
  2. The candidate must clearly indicate their preference and eligibility for either the physical group or biology group on the application form. (Note: Separate forms are available for the physical and biology groups.)
  3. The candidate must appear for the entrance exam conducted by the Office of the Dean, Institute of Science and Technology (IoST), and must pass the exam.


Students who have passed the grade 11 exam and are awaiting the chance exam result of grade 12 are also eligible to fill out the application form and seek admission for BSc Physics at Tribhuvan University, provided that they will submit their pass mark sheet of grade 12 before the results of the entrance examination are published.

Career and Scope

The advantageous aspect of studying physics is that it opens doors to a diverse range of career fields. Physics has a wide range of practical applications across various disciplines. BSc Physics degree provides a foundation for students to pursue master's and doctoral degrees, leading to careers in research and academia. BSc Physics graduates can explore career opportunities in the following sectors:

  • Space careers as astronauts
  • Research scientists in fields such as astrophysics, particle physics, nanotechnology, aerospace, dynamic physics, applied physics, theoretical physics, experimental physics, and more.
  • Health care industry, specializing in areas such as radiation, nuclear medicine, and the development of medical technologies in collaboration with biomedical engineers.
  • Engineering careers in manufacturing-based industries.
  • Energy sector as experts in extracting fossil fuels and developing cost-effective methods for renewable energy.
  • Geophysics and meteorology careers.
  • Technology careers in fields like robotics, nanotechnology, virtual reality, and others.
  • Educators of physics at the school and higher levels.

However, in Nepal, physics graduates often pursue teaching careers in numerous educational institutions. Many BSc Physics graduates choose to pursue master's degrees to expand their opportunities globally.

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