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Nepal, the country of rocky hills and mountains is mostly rural dominant. Most of the innocent lives live in the lap of the Himalayas far from the hassles of the city. But unfortunately, most of the poverty, inequality, unemployment and dependency are also deep rooted in this area. So, in this context it is worthy to pursue master of Arts degree in rural development. Nepal needs young and dynamic graduates who have vista vision to uplift the life of common folks of rural areas.

MA Rural Development is a two year, four semester program of Tribhuvan University(TU) in Central Department, Kirtipur. This TU program is taught as two year program conducting exam at the end of every academic year in other constituent and private campuses. The program was designed to provide comprehensive and broad knowledge based on the development and upliftment of rural sector.

Fee structure:

The fee structure of studying MA Rural Development program associated with Tribhuvan University(TU) in Central campus ranges around NRs. 50,000 - 60,000. The price of studying the course may be a little costlier in private academic institutions.

Objectives of MA Rural Development

The main objectives of MA Rural Development program Tribhuvan University(TU) are as follows: 
  • The program intends to provide students the multilateral skills development training targeting the theoretical and practical areas of rural development.
  • It intends to prepare students for arranging, planning and executing of rural and community oriented development programs.
  • The program focuses on capacity building and competence in students and prepares them to work in decentralized governments cooperating with local, state and federal government.
  • The program intends to develop very passionate students who have zeal and optimism to work as a facilitator in socioeconomic transformation of the country like Nepal.

Admission Requirements in MA Rural Development


  • To be eligible to participate in entrance exam, candidates must have at least bachelor degree or equivalent degree from any discipline from Tribhuvan University or any recognized Universities.
  • The candidates must pass the entrance exam by securing sufficient marks to get upper ranking in the merit list.

Entrance exam:

  • The entrance exam is based on multiple choice objective questions.
  • The total marks are 100.
  • The question pattern and total marks are subject to change.
  • The question is asked from the course of Bachelor and Intermediate level.

Career and Scope

When it comes to building a career in the field of rural development, there are various doubt and suspicion considering its name. However, this is not the case. The study of MA Rural Development field in today's changed context has got huge response. People have realized the fact that the heart and soul of Nepal is the rural area and without its development, the development of Nepal is not possible.

The graduates of MA Rural Development field can work in government organizations and reputed international organizations. There are numerous NGO's and INGO's working in the field of rural development, thus the graduates have high chance of getting job there. One can also work as a researcher, academician, teacher, lecturer, freelancer, activist, supervisor, consultant etc. There are so many community development projects initiated by government of Nepal and large donor organizations, the graduates can get jobs in various positions there. Moreover graduates can also compete in civil service exam, exams of different public organizations etc. to get better job opportunities. MA Rural Development program is not confined just to our country, there are huge scopes in abroad as well. The foreign scholars and universities are in search of dynamic graduates who have radical ideas to change the society and country as a whole.

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