MSc Chemistry | TU

Master of Science or MSc Chemistry is a two year program. This degree is based on semester systems. This degree consists of four semesters. This Program is of Tribhuvan University, which have 60 credit hours in total. During the first two semesters, all the student have to study one general stream but in the third semester the area of specialization is chosen. In third semester, out of three streams; physical, organic and inorganic chemistry, students have to choose one of them. Moreover, in the third semester among many elective subjects, students have to choose and study any one of those available subjects provided by the college as per the syllabus of Tribhuvan University.

MSc Chemistry like MSc Physics has very important role in the development of modern science and technology. Study of matter, its atom, molecule, compounds, bonds, chemical reaction is the subject matter. From development of medicines to chemicals, from nuclear plant to thermal plant, from earth to atmosphere, from oxygen we breathe to carbon dioxide, there are no aspects which chemistry does not deal. Chemistry works as the bridge between different subjects of natural science.

Objectives of MSc Chemistry

The objectives of MSc Chemistry program are as follows:
  • To impart the knowledge at advanced level to the students and make them capable and confident of accepting any challenges in the field of chemistry.
  • To provide scholar the taste of research and to train them effectively so that they can find the career in the field of chemistry and also to familiarize students with the latest trends and advancement of chemistry.
  • To make graduate realize the power of chemistry and use the knowledge and skills in a way those are beneficial to environment and society as a whole.
  • Generate passion in students for engaging in lifelong learning or professional development in the field of science by considering the basic ethics and moral.

Admission Requirements in MSc Chemistry

Eligibility Criteria:
  • The candidates willing to get entrance in MSc Chemistry degree must have to pass BSc in Chemistry or any equivalent level from Tribhuvan University or from any universities recognized by Tribhuvan University with same major subject.
  • Students must have to fulfill all the necessary requirements needed for appearing in the entrance exam.
  • Candidates must have to compulsorily attend and pass the entrance test conducted by Central Department of chemistry, Tribhuvan University.
  • Tribhuvan University will then publish a merit list, which contains the name of all entrance passed students. It will be available in Tribhuva University's official website.
  • Merit list is calculated by adding 80% of entrance paper marks and 20% of BSc
  • One can fill up the form from any campus which runs MSc Chemistry and after submitting the form, the candidate can appear in the exam. If she/ he gets good rank than she/ he can choose any colleges throughout Nepal and if she/ he has lesser rank then the aspirants have to get admission in the colleges that has not been occupied by deserving aspirants.
  • In Central department and in every University 80% seat is categorized for open competition and 20% is categorized for inclusive.

Career and Scope

Master of science in Chemistry is a globally recognized degree, students have wide range of opportunities in gaining knowledge about the several issues which are very important in today's world. Graduates can find very worthy and exciting jobs. Graduates can work in many fields such as industry, research centers, government organizations and teaching profession as well. MSc in Chemistry Graduates can also work at universities, exploration institutes, laboratory, etc. They can work as product managers, laboratory managers, colleges and high school teacher etc. Moreover, the demand of graduates from this degree is also high in hospitals and in pharmacy. Not only this, various firms working in the field of chemicals and fertilizer hire consultant where the chemist can work.

MSc in chemistry gives solid foundation for those who are willing to get enrolled in PhD and other higher research oriented programs. The demand of Master of Science in chemistry graduates is very high in developed countries where graduates have opportunity to work in respectable position and earn decent salary.