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MA Political Science or Master of Arts Political Science (MAPS) is a Tribhuvan University affiliated program offered in 11 campuses. The course is overviewed by the Central Department of Political Sciences under the faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in TU, Kirtipur, Kathmandu. The Master of Arts in Political Science (MA Political Science) degree awarded by the Tribhuvan University shall extend over duration of two academic years over 4 semesters where the students' progress is examined every six months, i.e. one semester. The semester system was recently introduced by TU to increase student's dedication to their studies and improve their knowledge and success rate.

The program is designed to produce competent graduates in the related field. The course can be ideal for those seeking to make a career in professional political science along with other sectors such as law, journalism, business and government. In addition to the theoretical knowledge, students benefits from robust methodological training.

Padma Kanya Multiple Campus is the only academic institute affiliated with Tribhuvan University that offers the Master of Arts in Political Science in Nepal.

Objectives of MA Political Science

  • A Master's Degree in Political Science seeks to build a student's theoretical and practical knowledge in the fundamental concepts of politics and sub disciplines of political science.
  • The program aims to produce globally saleable and competent manpower within the nation in all the sectors related to Political Sciences.
  • The course aims to teach students how the national, regional and global politics in a globalized world of the 21st century are interdependent and have reciprocal effects.
  • MAPS aims to produce skilled scholars, leaders and policymakers, including key executive authorities so far.
  • The program primarily tends to providing theoretical knowledge of political science in general and particularly in the context of Nepalese politics and political system
  • MAPS aims to train students and improve their abilities to withstand the increasing compete in different jobs, exams and research fields.
  • To enable students to analyze the basic philosophies and theories of governance, government, civil society and economy and implement them to current political systems
  • To enable students to gather and assess the information and data used in the economic, foreign affairs, social and security policy-making area
  • To enable students to conduct research and develop policy

A bit about the course

Medium of instruction: English. Therefore the students are required to have a basic understanding of the English language and be able to read and write. All assessments and examinations are to be written in English.

Course Requirements: A student is required to meet a 75% minimum attendance, submit all home assignments, reports and thesis in a given time and must pass an overall grading calculated from tests all aforementioned areas.

Admission Requirements in MA Political Science

In Order to enroll in MAPS course a prospective student must have the following qualifications.

  • The prospect must be certified with a Bachelors Level Degree from TU or any university recognized by TU.
  • He / She must appear for an entrance examination conducted by Tribhuvan University.
  • Furthermore, the student must obtain a minimum passing grade set by TU in that examination to successfully be granted a place in the program.

The details of the entrance examinations, including the application forms and exam dates and times, are published by Central Department of Population Studies (CDPS).

Admission process in MAPS in TU

As the bachelor's examinations end, TU usually announces the date for the start of applications. Prospects are required to collect and submit an application form for the examinations to any of the currently 11 affiliated colleges. The students are then given their examination times where they must pass to enroll. If a student passes he/she may enroll in any affiliated college of their choice.

Career and Scope

A MAPS degree not only opens roads to a political career but also in many other sectors as they develop skills in critical thinking, understanding of laws and policies, communication skills, knowledge of historical events, their causes and indicators, and ability to engage in social and political problems. This gives them a door to areas in politics, law, business, media, etc. Few of the scopes include:

  • In the field of politics one might aim at a job in the federal government, public affairs and administration, or aim to be a lobbyist, political campaign manager or even a political leader.
  • With their knowledge in legal matters one may consider going to law school or if not opt to become an analyst, legal advisor, paralegal or a legal assistant.
  • Scopes in business include International business specialist, Market researcher, and Public Relations specialist.
  • A student may also pursue a career in analyzing, reviewing and commenting as a political specialist in national or international news in the media.
  • One may also choose to be an educator/professor in schools and colleges.
  • With a MAPS degree one might also become a researcher/analyst to scientifically study different political choices of the people and government.

The Master of Arts in Political Science degree prepares graduates to work in an array of sectors, such as public affairs and public administration, secondary school, college, journalism, law, business and federal governments. The Master of Arts in Political Science degree holder can think of working as:

  • Political Scientist
  • Lobbyist
  • Political Campaign Manager
  • International Business Specialist
  • Market Researcher
  • PR Specialist