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Master in Population Studies is a degree provided by Tribhuvan University (TU) for students seeking knowledge about human populations. The major area of this course include birth, health, fertility, death, immigration, emigration. This course is for those who are interested in researching the increasing, decreasing or constant rate of population in specific areas and reasons behind those rates. The total duration of this course is two years and this course includes ten subjects as well as a thesis. The exams will be held yearly and results are published in percentage.

List of MA Population Studies Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for MA Population Studies program under Tribhuvan University in Nepal.

Objectives of MA Population Studies

  • To take account of birth, death, immigrants, emigrants of specific areas.
  • To study the reasons behind infant death, death by diseases, emigration and immigration.
  • To study about managing population by providing health knowledge especially in rural areas.
  • To provide a healthy environment by creating healthy population, as population is responsible for environmental advancement or degradation.

Admission Requirements in MA Population Studies

One who wants to study this course, must have to complete his/ her Bachelor's degree in any social science disciples. The students must also pass an entrance exam held by the University. For this, the students should first fill up the form either by downloading from site or shall go to the central college. The date and time for exam will be published thereafter. After passing entrance exam, one must face a personal interview either with Dean or faculty members. The scholarship will be provided after overall analysis of previous academic details, entrance exam, and personal interview.

Required documents:

Documents required for MA population studies admission

  1. SlC Certificate and Mark sh eet.
  2. +2 Certificate and Mark sheet.
  3. Graduation All Certificates and Mark sheets.
  4. College Leaving Certificate
  5. Migration Certificate in case of student migrating from other university.
  6. Provisional Certificate
  7. Recent passport size colour photographs duly attested by a Gazetted Officer (5 copies).

Below is the detailed TU MA Population Studies Syllabus.

1st Year

  • Pop. 531: Principles of Demography
  • Pop. 532: Demographic Methods for Population Analysis
  • Pop. 533: Population Polices
  • Pop. 534: Population Dynamics of Nepal
  • : Elective I
  • : Elective Areas (Any One)

    Pop. 535-1 Migration, Urbanization and Development

    Pop. 535-2 Population, Environment and Development

    Pop. 535-3 Population and Human Development

    Pop. 535-4 Demographics of Ageing

Below is the detailed TU MA Population Studies Syllabus.

2nd Year

  • Pop. 536: Advanced Demographic Techniques
  • Pop. 537: Research Methods in Population Studies
  • : Elective II
  • : Elective III
  • : Elective Areas for Elective II
    Pop. 538-1 Human Fertility and Family Planning
    Pop. 538-2 Health, Morbidity and Mortality
    Pop. 538-3 Reproductive Health, Gender Equity and Equality Pop. 538-4: Population, Health and Development
  • : Elective Areas for Elective III

    Pop. 539-1 Population and Social Justice

    Pop. 539-2 Population, Poverty and Development

    Pop. 539-3 Population and Conflict Resolution

    Pop. 539-4 Political Demography

    Pop. 539-5 Applied Demography

    Pop. 540 Thesis

Scope and Career Prospects

The graduates of this degree can work as:

  1. Colleague Professor
  2. Factual Assistant
  3. Overseer and Counselor
  4. Database Administrator
  5. Educator and Lecturer

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