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Master of Arts (MA) in journalism and mass communication is a two year program under the humanities and social science faculty of Tribhuvan University (TU). It is the program based on yearly system. This course is not taught in the Central Campus, Kirtipur. The curriculum of journalism is multi-disciplinary which ranges from theories and practice to media and advertisement management. The main aim of this course is to produce efficient and captivating personality in the field of journalism who holds the determination to use the power of media for righteous work. In this world where right to freedom and transparency has become one of the fundamental rights of the individual, the media and press have vital role to play in making people well aware about the current situation of the country and the world.

List of M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication program under Tribhuvan University in Nepal.

Objectives of M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication

The main objectives of this degree are as follows:

  • The course aims to produce professional having ability to take up leadership and managerial role and endow services in the field of communication and journalism.
  • The course aims to produce graduates having efficiency to think critically, assemble and present information and successfully find and solve the communication and journalism related problems by going to the bottom of it.
  • The course aims to produce graduates having techniques and skills to independently incorporate, investigate and evaluate data and information.
  • The course aims to make student understand and realize the power and importance of media in changing society and using its power under the surveillance of morals and ethics.

Admission Requirements in M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication


  • The students willing to pursue this MA degree from Tribhuvan University must have to complete Bachelor in Mass Communication and Journalism or any equivalent degree from Tribhuvan University or from any college/ university recognized by Tribhuvan University.
  • The student from science, commerce or any other stream can also pursue this degree if the candidate has bachelor degree from college/ university recognized by TU. The candidates must have to fulfill all the necessary requirements as directed by Mass communication and Journalism department.

Entrance exam:

  • In order to get enrolled in this MA program, the students must have to appear in the entrance exam conducted by Tribhuvan University.
  • The merit list is published after the few weeks of entrance exam.
  • The students are enrolled as per their ranking in the merit list.

M.A. Journalism and Mass Communication Syllabus

First Semester

  • JMC 551: Introduction to Mass Communication Theory
  • JMC 552: Advanced Reporting
  • JMC 553: Advanced Editing
  • JMC 554: Broadcast Journalism and Media
  • JMC 555: History and Growth of Mass Media

Second Semester

  • JMC 556: Development Communication
  • JMC 557: Political Communication
  • JMC 558: Research Methodology and Media
  • JMC 560: Principles and Practices of Public Relations

Third Semester

  • JMC 561: Intercultural Communication C
  • JMC 562: Media and Democratic Process
  • JMC 563: Social Media and Online Journalism
  • JMC 564: Research Application and Media
  • JMC 565: Principles and Practices of Advertising

Fourth Semester

  • JMC 566: Course Title: Media Law
  • JMC 567: Photojournalism
  • JMC 568: Media Issues
  • JMC 569: Global Media and Journalism
  • JMC 570: Thesis Writing

Scope and Career Prospects

Journalism is the mirror of the society and has very significant role in changing the perception and thinking of the people. It has vital role in bringing radical changes: role of media in people's movements is the example of it. Above sentences are itself the example of how demanding journalism and mass communication is. The graduates can get jobs in TV, radio, newspaper, social media, etc. One can also work in the field of advertisement, media campaigning, editing, etc. The graduates can also work as anchor, reporter, writer, editor, counselor, freelancer, communication officer, media officer, etc. The graduates can also build career in NGO/INGO's working in the field of media. Big corporate house and business institutions hire media manager to communicate with people and share information. One can be a global star by running a famous program in the TV and radios. Moreover, graduates have good opportunity to go abroad after this MA  degree.

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