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MA in Journalism and Mass Communication or MAMCJ is a two-year program under the Humanities and Social Science faculty of Tribhuvan University (TU). It is a program based on a yearly systemn and is not taught in the Central Campus, Kirtipur.

The curriculum of journalism is multidisciplinary, encompassing theories, practices, and media and advertisement management. The main aim of MA in Journalism and Mass Communication program is to produce efficient and captivating personalities in the field of journalism who are determined to use the power channel of for righteous work. In a world where the right to freedom and transparency has become one of the fundamental rights of individuals, the media and press have a vital role to play in making people well aware of the current situation of the country and the world.

Objectives of MA in Journalism and Mass Communication

The main objectives of MA in Journalism and Mass Communication program TU are as follows:

  • To produce professionals with the ability to take up leadership and managerial roles and provide services in the field of communication and journalism.
  • To produce graduates with the efficiency to think critically, gather and present information, and effectively identify and solve communication and journalism-related problems by delving into their root causes.
  • To produce graduates with the techniques and skills to independently integrate, investigate, and evaluate data and information.
  • To help students understand and recognize the power and importance of media in shaping society and to utilize this power under the guidance of morals and ethics.

Admission Requirements in MA in Journalism and Mass Communication

Eligibility Criteria:

Students who wish to pursue the MA in Journalism and Mass Communication program from Tribhuvan University (TU) must have completed a Bachelor in Mass Communication and Journalism or any equivalent degree from Tribhuvan University or from any college/university recognized by Tribhuvan University. Students from the science, commerce, or other streams can also pursue this program if they have a bachelor's degree from a college/university recognized by TU. Candidates must fulfill all the necessary requirements as directed by the Mass Communication and Journalism department.

Entrance exam:

To enroll in this MA in Journalism and Mass Communication program, students must appear for the entrance exam conducted by Tribhuvan University(TU). The merit list is published a few weeks after the entrance exam. Students are enrolled based on their ranking in the merit list.

Career and Scope

Journalism is the mirror of society and plays a significant role in changing people's perceptions and thinking. It has a vital role in bringing about radical changes; the role of press in people's movements serves as an example of this. These sentences themselves demonstrate the demanding nature of journalism and mass communication.

MA in Journalism and Mass Communication graduates can find employment opportunities in various platforms such as TV, radio, newspapers, and social platforms. They can also work in the fields of advertising, media campaigning, editing, and more. Graduates have the potential to work as anchors, reporters, writers, editors, counselors, freelancers, communication officers, journalist, and so on. They can also pursue careers in NGOs/INGOs working in the media sector. Additionally, big corporate houses and business institutions hire media managers to communicate with the public and share information. Running a popular program on TV and radio can propel one to become a global star. Moreover, graduates with an MAMCJ degree have good opportunities to pursue careers abroad.

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