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MEd in Political Science Education is a two-year program conducted by the Faculty of Education at Tribhuvan University (TU). This degree follows the semester system and is divided into four semesters in total. The program is taught on a semester basis at the Central Campus, while it is offered as a yearly program in other colleges throughout Nepal. The course structure is designed to provide students with practical knowledge and is divided into core courses, specializations, electives, teaching practice, and a thesis, offering various benefits to scholars. Except for the fourth semester, each semester consists of 18 credit hours, while the fourth semester is of 12 credit hours. In total, candiates are required to complete a minimum of 66 credit hours.

MEd in Political Science Education program aims to equip candidates with the necessary knowledge and skills to become academically accomplished teachers and tutors. It holds significant importance in the education sector of our country. Nepal requires highly capable graduates who can teach others about the norms and values of politics. It is essential to change learners perceptions of politics and foster a better understanding of the subject.

Objectives of MEd in Political Science Education

MEd in Political Science Education program is designed for students with the following objectives:

  • To understand the mission, objectives, principles, and significance of this degree.
  • To develop the skills required for formulating the curriculum and providing necessary resources to implement the curriculum effectively.
  • To  comprehend the meaning, nature, scope, importance, and relevance of this degree in society.
  • To foster the development of aptitude, vision, and skills.

Admission Requirements in MEd in Political Science Education

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for admission, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  1. Completion of a Bachelor's Degree in Education or any equivalent bachelor-level degree from a college, board, or university accepted by Tribhuvan University.
  2. Candidates with either a three-year B.Ed. or a one-year B.Ed. are eligible for admission to the Master's Program.
  3. Candidates should be free from any physical or mental disabilities.

Entrance Examination:

  1. Scholars must pass the entrance exam with a minimum score determined by Tribhuvan University (TU) to be considered for admission to this program.
  2. Selection of students is based on a merit list.
  3. The merit list is published after the entrance exam has been conducted.

Career and Scope

If we examine the politics of Nepal, it becomes evident that the country requires highly skilled MEd in Political Science Education degree graduates who have the ability to educate students about the ethics, values, and morals necessary in politics and for politicians. There is a common belief among people that the scope of this degree is limited to teaching only, but this argument is incorrect. Teaching is a prominent field, and graduates can teach at various levels, from primary to university.

In addition to teaching, there are exciting career opportunities available for MEd in Political Science Education graduates. They can work in television, radio, newspaper agencies, and other media outlets. Graduates can also find positions in reputable NGOs/INGOs related to advocacy and other political science-related issues. They can work as political analysts, writers, trainers, administrators, and more. Moreover, opportunities exist in civil service exams, licensing exams, and other government job exams, where graduates can gain entry.

Ongoing Admission
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