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Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Political Science education is a two year program, which is conducted by Faculty of Education, Tribhuvan University (TU). This degree is based on semester system and has been divided into altogether four semesters in total. This course is taught as a semester only in Central Campus whereas as a yearly program in rest of the other colleges all over the Nepal. In order to provide students with very practical knowledge, this courses has been divided into core courses, specialization, elective, teaching practice and thesis, and such division of courses will be beneficial for students. Apart from fourth semester, all other semester is of 18 credit hours. Fourth semester is of 12 credit hours and students have to study at least 66 credit hours in total.

This course aims to provide candidates the knowledge as well as aptitude, which is needed to flourish as an academically accomplished teachers and tutors. This degree holds momentous place in the education sector of our country. Nepal needs very efficient graduates who can teach students the norms and values of politics. It is essential to change the perception of politics among the students.

List of M.Ed in Political Science Education Colleges

Below is the list of colleges for M.Ed in Political Science Education program under Tribhuvan University in Nepal.

Objectives of M.Ed in Political Science Education

This course is designed with following objectives:

  • To facilitate the students to understand the mission, objective, principles and importance in this degree.
  • To build up the proficiency needed for formulating the curriculum and to support resources to bring curriculum in operation.
  • To enable the students to comprehend the meaning, nature, scope, importance and relevancy of this degree in the society.
  • To develop the aptitude, vision and skills among the students.

Admission Requirements in M.Ed in Political Science Education

Eligibility for Admission:

  • Students must have to complete Bachelor's Degree in Education or any equivalent bachelor level degree from college/ board/ university accepted by Tribhuvan University.
  •  Students with either three-year B.Ed. or one year B.Ed. eligible for getting the admission to the Master's Program.
  • The candidates should be free from any kind of physical and mental disability.

Entrance examination:

  • Passing the entrance exam with minimum marks indicated by Tribhuvan University (TU) is must for admission in this program.
  • Students are selected on the basis of merit list.
  • The merit list is published after the entrance exam is taken.=

First Semester

  • : Core Course (Professional)
  • : Specialization Course

Second Semester

  • : Core Course (Professional)
  • : Specialization Course

Third Semester

  • : Core Course (Professional)
  • : Specialization Course

Fourth Semester

  • : Core Course (Professional)
  • : Elective Course
  • : Teaching Practice
  • : Thesis Writing

Scope and Career Prospects

If we see the politics of Nepal, it becomes so visible that the country needs a very efficient graduates from this degree, who have an ability to teach the students about the ethics, values and morals that is needed in politics and politician. There is a wider belief among the people that the graduates of this degree and the scope of this degree is limited only to teaching but this argument is not correct. Teaching is just the major field and graduates can teach for primary level to the university level.

Apart from teaching, there are very exciting professions that political education graduates can prefer. The graduates can work in TVs, radios, newspaper agency, etc. The graduates can find opportunity in different respected positions in NGO/ INGOs related to advocacy and other political science associated issues as well. The graduates can also work as political analyst, writer, trainer, administrator, etc. Moreover, civil service exam, license exam and other government jobs exam are the fields with opportunities where graduates can enter.

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