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MSc in Botany program of two years is run by Central Department of Botany and concerned Colleges. This is a post graduate program in Plant Biology covering depth of property, structure, growth and biochemical process of plants, algae and fungi.

Objectives of MSc Botany

The main objective of Master of Science in Botany program is to learn scientific principles, concepts of plant's evolution, ecology, structure and functions and be able to carry out researches complimentary to research and findings from the studies.

Admission Requirements in MSc Botany

To be eligible for Msc in Botany program candidate Should have BSc Botany or equivalent degree and passed the entrance exam of University which carry 80 percent weightage and 20 percent from Bachelor degree marks.

Career and Scope

The career prospects with MSc in Botany program are biological scientist, horticulturaist, environmental consultant, professor, forestry technician.

Ongoing Admission
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