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Aayaam International College

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Aayaam International College was established in 2012. It is located at Kumaripati Lalitpur. Aayaam International provides academic courses that help to focus on the growth and overall development of the students to meet the global market's needs. Aayaam has its interactive classrooms with audiovisual facilities, computer labs, and internship placements in reputed companies. Aayaam is running the Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Hotel Management at Purbanchal University. 

Principal Message

May I take the opportunity to welcome all the students on board at Aayaam International College? I am a proud member of this institution and proud to have you as a part of it. Aayaam International has been striving for quality excellence since its establishment and it has proved itself in the segment of college in providing quality education demanded in the new millennium.

In the past years, the management sector in Nepal has also taken the shape of global corporate culture and created a demand for global leaders. At this crucial stage of choosing their career, which is also in such cut-throat competition, more often individuals find themselves confused and distracted. This Aayaam International College  overcomes such confusion but also guides them from distraction making them more focused and daring to dream. Aayam has been focused on professionally grooming its students to compete in the global market and making them capable of making a difference in the management field.

Furthermore, at the end of the course, you will find yourself that the chances of employment or entrepreneurship are considerably enhanced globally. The courses are very much designed in professional commitments pioneering in work-based learning programs enabling academic work to chosen career line. The global opportunity open for the students and the culture and academic background will groom them into professionals. I am sure our students will face no bar in touching the sky in success.

Once again I look forward to welcoming you to Aayaam International College.

Krishna Chandra Jha


Scholarships at AIC

At Aayaam International College, Scholarships are available for deserving students who have proven their academic excellence and have fulfilled the criteria set by the College and University.

The various programs at AIC are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Administration

Aayaam International College provides four years BBA program of Purbanchal University. This program is 120 credit hours. The courses comprises of Business Management, Computer Applications, Specialization, Project works and internships. This program helps to obtain a Bachelors degree in Business Administration to have a career as Financial Analysts, Operations Manager, Human Resource Manager, Marketing representative, Accounting Officer, Entreprenuer etc. in the business organizations. 

Bachelor of Hotel Management

Aayam International College is a leading College for Bachelor of Hotel Management program of Purbanchal University. Bachelor of Hotel Management is a four years course of altogether 144 credit hours. Students of this program are provided with on hand experience and training about hospitality industry which will help them improve skills and knowledge to work in front line and back end operations of Hotel chains in Nepal. It indulges students in activities such as Orientation cum hotel visit, organizing one theme event, Outdoor catering, educational tour/food fiesta, Professional seminar and gives an opportunity for internship and report writing in partial fulfillment of BHM program.