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Plus 2 Humanities Colleges in Nepal

Plus 2 Humanities is another option for Plus 2 studies in Nepal. Students who do not want to pursue their studies in the field of pure Science or pure Management can join Humanities in their Plus 2 level. This program helps to sharpen the skills in the field of Mass Communication and Journalism, Social Work Studies, and Education. Plus 2 Humanities is an interdisciplinary field of Management, Social Science, and Law; and thus provides an integrated knowledge.

There are some good Plus 2 Humanities campuses in the valley for Humanities related studies. This two-year program is accredited by the National Examination board. There are popular names such as Golden gate, St. Mary's, Princeton Higher Secondary, Sagarmatha Multiple, Hetauda School of Management, etc. which enrolls students for this 2 year Humanities program.

How to choose a good Plus 2 Humanities College?

Review the admission criteria:

See that your desired academic institution has admission criteria approved by the National Examination Board and find out about scholarships, facilities, and benefits of the Plus 2 Humanities program.

See the past academic results:

You can identify a good Plus 2 Humanities school by examining the past results; with which you can determine the quality of education.


Choosing a campus near your hometown is always a good idea. If you do so then your cost for fooding and lodging is also saved. You can attend the Plus 2 Humanities campus at the comfort of your own home. You can look for places that provide services such as consultancies, counseling so that you can gather data to enhance your learning experience.