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After successfully navigating SEE (Secondary Education Examination), students find themselves at a crucial juncture in their academic journey. This moment signals the beginning of a staircase leading into the future. It's a time when students must make important decisions about their education, choosing the right degree and course that will shape their career paths.

The junction at the Ten Plus Two level is where students stand poised to choose their career paths. This juncture resembles a crossroads, with various roads branching out in different directions, each leading to its own destination. Naturally, no one wants to embark on the wrong path, especially as beginners in the journey of life.

Every student harbors a wish to enter their dream college, an institution they trust to guide them towards their desired destination. Often, students are drawn to prestigious names or rely on recommendations from others. Yet, is this truly the most effective method for selecting the best college? The answer lies in a comprehensive evaluation of various criteria when choosing a top-tier Plus Two science college.

Why Choosing the Best +2 Science College is Important?

So now after that students choose to study science at their intermediate level. Their next step is to decide the best colleges for themselves. It is the most crucial part of the educational journey. Here are a few reasons why;

  • This is the stage that is a starting point for the career path of any student. A bad starter can ruin the journey and can be distracting.
  • The best colleges can offer a variety of opportunities like internships, personality development, and networking to its students which not many institutes can do.
  • Not all the top campuses need to be expensive. Some best colleges provide 10 plus two science degrees at affordable prices.
  • Top colleges have facilities for labs and research which is absent or poorly executed. Not selecting properly can cease students' chances to explore them.
  • College shouldn’t be just a place to study, it should also contribute to student's personal growth. If selected carelessly, students will lose a chance to be a better version of themselves.

How to select a Top 10 Plus Two Science College?

Deciding the best 10 plus two colleges can be a hassle; there are thousands to select from and they all claim to be the best. So, here are some of the factors to consider while selecting the top 10 plus two science colleges in Nepal.

Entrance: The top 10 plus two science colleges in Nepal ensure that they enroll the capable students only. For this, they conduct the entrance exam. The applicants must go through this admission test to get a seat.

Cost and Fee Structure: Studying science can be expensive. So, analyse the total cost and make sure the fee structure is affordable for you. Some of the top 10 plus two colleges charge anywhere between NPR 1,00,000 to 3,00,000 for two years. However, the fee structure might differ depending on the facilities the college provides.

Scholarships: Many top 10 plus two science colleges offer financial aid to capable candidates. Students should inquire about the available ones and see if they can claim any. Most of the institutions provide scholarships based on the marks students obtained in SEE and entrance. However, there are such colleges that also provide scholarships to needy students. The top ones, however, waive a certain percentage of the fee, if the students show academic excellence in the term exams.

Labs: Studying science in a college without a lab is a foolish decision. The best 10+2 science colleges should include well-equipped and high-tech labs. Make sure to look for one. The college should have a separate lab for physics, chemistry, and biology. There should be different labs with following equipments:

  • Physics Lab: Meter Scale, Spring balance, Spherometer, Lenses, Multimeter, voltmeter, Galvanometer, Tuning Fork, Thermometer, and many more.
  • Biology Lab: Microscope, Dissecting tool kits, Electronic balance, Forceps, Beakers, Dissecting pan, Glass slides and coverslips, and many more.
  • Chemistry Lab: Erlenmeyer flask, Beaker, Test tubes, Volumetric flask, Pipet, Dropper, Tongs, Burner, Weighing machines, and many more.

Teachers: Learning science from experienced educators will make the journey more enjoyable and rewarding. The college should possess a team of highly qualified and proficient teachers.The teacher in the field of science has at least completed their bachelor's level of education. They should hold the expertise on the subject they teach.

Academic Support: The colleges that students choose must be there to support them when necessary. They should provide tuition classes to those students whose grades in any science subjects are less. Besides, the college should also provide propeller training to the students in labs. They should, oftentimes, conduct science-related sessions. And, there should be the provision of career counseling for students to help them decide which course to select for their undergraduate degree.

Infrastructure: The plus-two science colleges should possess facilities like libraries, study spaces, and computer labs. All of these things are important for science students.The space where students study must be comfortable. So, while selecting the colleges, they should look at the classes they will be studying at.

Extra Curricular Activities: Studying monotonously can be boring and tiresome. So, there must be a source to divert students' minds to keep them fresh and motivated. So, the best 10+2 science colleges should offer ECA-like sports, various clubs, and non-academic programs that promote personal growth.

Alumni and Testimonials: While selecting the science college for their 10+2 level, students should also look at the career path of the alumni. They should look for the reviews and testimonials of the college.

A few tips while selecting +2 Science Colleges

  • Research every one of your desired colleges. Compare their aspects like fee structures, labs, libraries, and facilities.
  • Observe the campus life in detail. Make sure it matches your personality and preferences.
  • Sometimes, your desired college might be far from your home. Selecting such a college will increase the cost and is a loss of your time.
  • Don’t just research online. Personally visit the colleges and see it for yourself if they possess what they claim.
  • Talk with the teaching professionals to know their teaching methods and experience.
  • If you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it. So, ask if they provide any financial aid, discounts, or scholarships.

How to Get Admission to Top 10 plus Two Science Colleges

After researching the colleges and finding the best ones, students should start preparing for the entrance examinations. The top 10 plus two science colleges set an examination to enroll only the capable candidates.

To prepare for the institutes, students have to prepare through the institutes. This preparation is usually called a bridge course. Taking the bridge course classes will make me competent enough to take the admission test at any college.

However, students should have secured at least a 2.8 GPA with C in Math and Science and D in the remaining subjects.

After students pass the entrance examination, they have to provide the following documents to the 10 plus two science colleges for admission procedure; 

  • Marksheet of SEE
  • Character Certificate
  • SEE Certificate
  • Photo

There are provisions for scholarships in the top colleges for competent students. Those who secured good grades in SEE and the entrance exam are eligible for scholarships.

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