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Initially established as a form of professional accounting body in Scotland in 1854, the Chartered Accountant was granted a royal charter of their inception from The Edinburg Society of Accountants (1854), the Glasgow Institute of Accountants, and Aberdeen Society of Accountants(1867). Thus, this makes chartered accountants a globally recognized designation.

Unfolding the pages of the history of chartered accountants in Nepal, we can see that it has just been a decade. But within this short period, the scope of CA has flourished in leaps and bounds and so does the interest of people towards it. CA, the name itself sounds professional enough but to this once a successful CA this job will pay one good too. Here in this article, we have given the details on CA education in Nepal and details about CA Colleges in Nepal.

Chartered Accountancy Course in Nepal

The history of Chartered Accountancy in Nepal is only a decade long. Despite its short history, CA course has been able to mark its existence in Nepal quite firmly. The popularity of CA course in Nepal is ever-growing and is still in full swing.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal (ICAN) was established under the Chartered Accountant Act 1997 in Nepal. ICAN aims to enhance the social recognition of people largely in the accounting profession by raising public awareness of the importance of the accounting profession. In addition to this, this institute is in constant work to make people understand and value the importance of the social responsibility of accountants in the development of the nation. ICAN is an autonomous body and the council is fully authorized by the Act of 1997 to undertake the accountancy profession in Nepal.

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nepal is a member of the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), the Confederation of Asia and Pacific Accountants (CAPA), and the South Asian Federation of Accountants (SAFA). ICAN of Nepal is responsible for carrying out the objectives it has set.

" ICAN to be recognized as a respected professional accounting body, providing leadership on standards, education and self-regulation in Nepal "

As the main mission and vision, ICAN embraces the following as its objectives:

  • To play the role of a regulatory body to encourage the members to carry on the accounting profession being within the limit of the code of conduct laid down to make the accounting profession transparent.
  • To develop, protect, and promote the accounting profession by making the members and the practicing accountants understand the responsibility towards the importance of the accounting profession and the accountancy.
  • To provide quality professional education to accounting professionals in consonance with international norms and practices to make the accounting profession respectable and reliable.
  • To support the government with constructive suggestions towards the formulation and the revision of legislation in regards to commerce, trade, accounting, revenue, etc.
  • To support the economic development process by increasing the confidence among investors and the general public towards the capital market by pronouncing the standards of disclosure in financial reporting practices.

With ICAN doing its work in its respective place we can see the positive impact of ICAN in the country. CA has become increasingly popular among students. Considering the opportunities Chartered Accountancy study can offer in the future, it is not surprising that CA has become the preferred subject of many hardworking students.

Nepal, like any other country, is racing in the advancement of business and management fields, thus providing a massive amount of options for CA professionals. Thus, the advancement in business and career security has made CA one of the first picked courses by the students. The number of students studying CA within the country is increasing. The career prospect it holds is the key component and main reason behind its popularity and becoming a priority of many.

Moreover, the number of institutions promising preparation classes for CA entrance to provide international-level CA courses is increasing throughout the country, especially in and around the valley. These institutions have also as promised produced CA graduates that can compete in any global market. We have listed below the details of all the CA Colleges in Kathmandu that have been providing CA education in Nepal.

Scope of CA Course in Nepal

The advancement of the global market is in continuous motion so is the advancement in the business/management sector. Global development is inevitable and this is where the individual with true management skills enters. This means that skilled manpower is in demand everywhere. Hence, the scope of Chartered Accountancy course is broadening as time passes. As said earlier, Charter Accountancy course maximizes a person's management skills through the best practical and theoretical knowledge. Once you acquire the knowledge of CA then there is no stopping for you as you are competent enough to go anywhere in the world. You are ready to face any challenges that the world would put against you.

Once you get the recognition from the Chartered Accountant institution, you are ready to take your learning into real-world practice. For a CA, the world serves different options to choose from. Today CA not only holds positions as a banker, accountant, auditor, and financial analyzer but also has been able to hold high-level positions in many government offices.

After the successful completion of a CA course, one can work in all fields of business including accounting, taxation, financial analysis and auditing, and more. The world is run by businesses and the society governed by it, in an era like this, CA, which specializes in both practical and the best theoretical knowledge will suit the best and will meet the standards required. Chartered Accounting is a prestigious and rewarding profession however it’s an equally challenging career too. One cannot simply become a CA. The courses of CA are designed to take your business knowledge and understanding to the limit, hence, making you the most competent person the business world demands. In other words, chartered accountancy means that you are securing a sophisticated and rewarding job for the future.

Today, most chartered accountants hold high-level posts in many private as well as different government offices. The practically specialized courses that focus not only on theoretical knowledge but also on the analytical and technical skills learned and taught over time enable them to secure a job. It is the profession anyone sees as a secure career prospect but not everyone can handle the sheer amount of pressure and hard work one must go through during the learning phase. Numerous countries are authorized to produce worldly recognized chartered accountants. Every year under the guidance and affiliation of the authorized body in the nation, many young graduates are fulfilling their dreams of becoming chartered account and carrying out their work professionally.

This proves that for a CA, the world is a personal space where she/he can go wherever they want to.

Apart from the traditional work of forming various types of audits, many CAs are serving private and public sectors in the capacity of Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director, Finance Director, Chief Operating Officer, Internal Auditor, etc. There is a sustained demand for qualified, trained, and experienced Chartered Accountants day by day as not only the private sector but government offices are also equally in search of professional CA.

Scope after Chartered Accountancy course in Nepal

There is no denying that Nepal is making its mark and competing head-to-head with other globally renowned countries in the field of education. The increasing market/ business society has created an array of multiple opportunities for young people who are pursuing their education in the country. The same goes for the students who are pursuing chartered accountancy course in the country.

It’s not surprising that within a very short period, CA has made a mark in the student’s minds encouraging them to choose CA in the university level education. As the course of study of CA and the demand of the global market is compatible to each other, due to which they are supporting each other.

The scope of CA in Nepal is positive as the business industry is highly prioritizing CA professionals in their business. Not only in the private business sector but the skill and the practical knowledge of a CA is equally sought in many government offices making them equally important in government bodies. Due to their practical management, analysis skill, knowledge they acquire during their study, many CA professionals are working as high-level officers in many governments as well as private offices.

CA Course of Study

The ever-so-popular and practical course is not as many would think. The study/course is challenging and requires a lot of hard work and dedication to succeed. One cannot simply come, study and pass CA exams; it’s not as easy as it sounds. Based on distance learning module, it involves in depth theoretical education and practical training imparting sound analytical and problem-solving skills to the students.

The course is divided into:

CAP - I - Six Months.

CAP - II - Nine Months.

CAP -III - Three Years (including practical training).

The CAP-I level comprises 3 papers follows:

Exam Papers and Details

Exam Paper Subjects Marks
Paper 1 Fundamentals of Accounting 100
Paper 2 Mercantile Laws and Fundamentals of Economics 100
Paper 3 Fundamentals of Management and Commercial Mathematics and Statistics 100

The CAP-II Level comprises 7 papers divided into two groups as follows:

Group I Exam Papers and Details

Exam Paper Subjects Marks
Paper 1 Advanced Accounting 100
Paper 2 Audit and Assurance 100
Paper 3 Corporate and Other Laws 100

Group II Exam Papers and Details

Exam Paper Subjects Marks
Paper 4 Financial Management 100
Paper 5 Cost and Management Accounting 100
Paper 6 Business Communication and Marketing 100
Paper 7 Income Tax and VAT 100

The CAP-III level comprises 8 papers divided into two groups as follows:

Group I Exam Papers and Details

Exam Paper Subjects Marks
Paper 1 Advanced Financial Reporting 100
Paper 2 Advanced Financial Management 100
Paper 3 Advanced Audit and Assurance 100
Paper 4 Corporate Laws 100

Group II Exam Papers and Details

Exam Paper Subjects Marks
Paper 5 Management Information System 100
Paper 6 Advanced Taxation 100
Paper 7 Advanced Cost and Management 100
Paper 8 Strategic Management and Decision-Making Analysis 100

Average Fees of studying CA in Nepal

CAP-I level

The total fee for the CAP-I Level course is Rs. 27,500.00. It can be paid fully at the time of registration or also on Installment basis.

Rs. 15,000.00 at the time of Registration and Balance Rs. 12,500.00 within 3 months from the date of registration. The fee structure may change on need basis by the Council.

CAP-II level

The total fee for the CAP-II level course is NPR 32,000.00. It can be paid fully at the time of registration or also on Installment basis. The fee structure may changes on need basis by the Council.

Rs 17,500.00 at the time of Registration and Balance Rs. 15,000.00 within six months from the date of registration.


The total fee for the CAP-III Level course is NPR 30,000.00 till 31st Ashadh 2072 and NPR 40,000.00 effective from 1st Shrawan 2072. It can be paid fully at the time of registration or also on Installment basis

50% at the time of Registration and Balance 50% within one year from the date of registration in Final Level

The fee structure may change on the need basis of the Council.

Recommended Colleges for CA Course in Nepal

With the growing number of students referring as well as taking CA course, numerous institutions and colleges have adapted and are providing world-class CA teaching. Every year the number is growing and parallel to that the numbers of such institutions are also increasing. There are colleges/ institutions especially in the valley the number is mountain high from where students can choose the college/institution of their desire to pursue their CA course in Nepal.

Some of the CA Colleges in Nepal where CA course is available are:

  • Certified College of Accountancy, Thapagaun, Kathmandu
  • Elite CA, Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu
  • Gurukul CA, Bagbazar, Kathmandu
  • Prime CA, Shankhamul, Kathmandu
  • CIMA Academics Pvt. Ltd., Putalisadak, Kathmandu
  • CAI Pvt. Ltd.
  • National College of Accountancy, Battisputali, Kathmandu

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