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Advance Academy and Republica College

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Advance Academy Secondary School and Republica College, commenced in the years 1999 AD and 2010 AD, respectively, are two co-educational organizations supported by the Advance Foundation. Advance Academy and Republica Foundation is a team that comprises professional educationists, experienced scholars, and highly qualified lecturers. Advance Academy Foundation, as one of the best career ushers, is always dedicated to improving the overall development of students. So that the graduates will be able to grasp success in every phase of their lives, The main belief of the Advance Foundation is quality, discipline, and originality in students' performances, which eventually lead them toward success in their professional lives in a globally challenging business environment.

Located in Kumaripati, Lalitpur, Advance Academy Secondary School and Republica College offer +2 programs and Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) affiliated with the National Examination Board (NEB) and Tribhuvan University (TU), respectively.

Why Advance Academy ?

Both Advance Academy and Republica College are dedicated to modern teaching approaches to prepare brilliant graduates unified with courage, persistence, compassion, honesty, and a sense of responsibility, along with an ability for conceptual and scientific reasoning. Advance Academy and Republica provide sufficient physical infrastructure and adequate educational materials with qualified faculties. Some of the major positive features of Advance Academy and Republica College are outstanding academic results, an encouraging atmosphere, quality and goal-oriented education, career counseling, and proper guidance. Because of such qualities, Advance Academy and Republica College have become the best educational hubs for many students.

Scholarships at Advance Academy

The scholarships at Advance Academy and Republica College are based on 5 types. They are as follows:

  • Pandemic Scholarships:

Pandemic Scholarship is newly introduced by Advance Academy and Republica College by considering COVID-19 affected Candidates. It includes a 100% decrease in both tuition and admission fees.

  • Achievements Awards:

Achievements Award Scholarship scheme includes a 50% decrease in tuition fees and a 100% decrease in admission fees.

  • Excellency Awards:

Excellency Award is awarded to the candidates, who achieve a higher GPA in SEE. This scheme is further divided into four categories:

  1. Students with a 3.9-4.0 GPA are eligible for a 100% reduction in tuition and admission fee.
  2. Students with a 3.8 - 3.89 GPA are eligible for a 50% reduction in tuition fees and a 100% reduction in admission fees.
  3. Students with a 3.7 - 3.79 GPA are eligible for a 50% reduction in tuition fees and a 75% reduction in admission fees.
  4. Students with a 3.6 - 3.69 GPA are eligible for a 50% reduction in tuition fees and a 50% reduction in admission fees.
  • Remote and Marginalized Groups:

Each individual, who belongs to the Remote and Marginalized Groups is awarded 50% abate in tuition cost and 100% abate in certification cost.

  • Special Scholarships:

It is offered to those individuals whose financial condition is not good. Individuals are eligible for 100% to abate in tuition and certification costs.


Advance Academy and Republica College have managed advanced science laboratories for physics, chemistry, and biology with all necessary instruments. Likewise, Advance Academy and Republica College have well-equipped and high-tech computer laboratories with reliable networking systems. Each individual is provided with the full right to use the computers at regular intervals. They are only allowed to use the laboratory under the supervision of the lab in charge.

Besides, the institution has a neat and clean cafeteria within the college premises, which serves the best hygienic food items at a wallet-friendly cost.

The various programs at Advance Academy are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Bachelor of Business Studies is four years program at Advance Academy and Republica College from Tribhuvan University that provides knowledge and skills to function as Managers from general management perspective, encourage entrepreneurial capabilties, and build up professional and personal skills from the study of this academic program in Bachelor level.

+2 Management

Advance academy offers Plus2 management program which is two years intermediate program in Management stream. It provides conceptual knowledge of management principles, Mathematics, Accounting and economics primarily. Students learn the way business functions from various aspects influenced from environmental and social factors is the basic study areas in Plus2 Management stream.

+2 Science

Plus 2 program in Science is offered by Advance academy and republica college. This course is foundation level studies in areas of pure science and mathematical areas at Grades 11 and 12. 

+2 Humanities

Advance academy and Republica College offers Plus2 in Humanities which is interdiscipline of social sciences, management, economics inorder to understand the way human beings function and behave in society for living.