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Advanced College Of Engineering & Management

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Advanced College of Engineering and Management is a college that has achieved excellence in engineering education for over two decades from highly qualified, experienced, and dedicated faculties. It is situated in Bhuwaneswari Marga, Kalanki, Kathmandu. It offers engineering courses at the bachelor level, such as a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering, a Bachelor in Computer Engineering, a Bachelor in Civil Engineering, a Bachelor in Electronics Communication and Information Engineering, and a Bachelor of Computer Application. Advanced College of Engineering has industrial partnerships with IT construction, hydropower, robotics, and automation industries such as e-sewa, Leapfrog, World Link, LRBSU, Microsoft, etc. The college also has international tie-ups with Stars Scholar Network and Angelo State University.


The facilities offered by Advanced College of Engineering and management to students are:

  • Information session and studio tour
  • multimedia and spacious classrooms
  • Computer labs
  • E-library
  • Sports
  • Training and workshops
  • club memberships
  • utility internship


  • Innovative courses and student centered teaching learning and blended courses.
  • Research opportunities with focus in leadership and innovation.
  • Life long learning for real life professional area.
  • Industry partners with top IT, Construction, hydropower and robotics organizations.
  • International tie up with Stars Scholars Network and Angelo State University.
  • State of art infrastructures and workshops.
  • Association with clubs such as Advanced robotics club, Civil Engineering students societies, Project association for computer and electronics.

Principal Message

This college was established with the objective of educating, nurturing, and guiding students to become successful technical professionals and leaders of nations. Since its inception, we have launched undergraduate degrees in civil, electronics, communication, electrical, and computer programs and produced engineers with the skills to solve the technical and socio-economic situation of the country. We focus on innovation and leadership and bridging national and international peer universities, institutions, and IT industries to enhance the quality and develop the skills of our educational programs from the best team of faculty members with industrial experience.

We welcome you at Advanced College of Engineering and Management to enhance your learning in a real-life work environment.

Prof Dr. Durga Prasad Sangroula


The various programs at ACEM are as follows:

Bachelor of Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Civil Engineering at Advanced College of Technology and Management is four years program of eight semesters affiliated to Tribhuvan University. The program helps in construction and maintenance of physical infrastructures with evolving advents of technology and raw materials. It helps to foster supervisory and administrative skills and also using software in civil engineering works.

Bachelor of Electronics Communication and Information Engineering

If you wish to specialize in Electronics and Communication then, you are openly welcome to the Advanced college of engineering and management. Graduating in this course will provide the reliable knowledge on electronic devices and gain communication skills. You will enjoy to learn more during this journey. Learn more about the further details.

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering at Advanced College of Engineering and Management is a four years program of Tribhuvan University designed to produce electrical Engineers from knowledge and skills in electrical and electronic systems, technological applications from household appliances to electrical power systems, telecommunications and satellite communications in theory and practical project work study.

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Planning to advance your technical knowledge and looking forward to more details about  Computer Engineering? Advanced College of engineering and management stands out with the target to facilitate the students with required training. To know more about the particular area, it's scope and much more, visit the mentioned link.

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Advanced College of Engineering and Management runs Tribhuvan University Bachelor of Computer Application program of eight semesters. This program provides knowledge of IT and ever growing demand of computer professionals. It also paves the path ahead for advanced Master of Computer Application program. The students of ACOEM learn theory and practical based programming, web designing, networking, cyber security, and other application software systems from the four years program. It also has an industrial attachment course also. Advanced College of Engineering and Management is very adept at teaching IT related BCA course.