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Aishwarya Multiple Campus

Contact Information

Phone: 01-091-526877 | Email: | Website:

Aishwarya Multiple Campus is in Dhangadhi, Kailali. It is a QAA-certified college run by dedicated and qualified lecturers. It makes the best effort for quality education and the all-round development of students in different areas of study. The running programs in this institute are Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Business Studies, and Master of Business Studies at the Tribhuvan University of Nepal. Aishwarya Multiple provides various facilities, along with teaching materials and scientific technologies.

Principal Message

The requirement of real education creates the need for discovery, innovation, invention, laws, and principles in areas of science and technology. Aishwarya Multiple College provides competitive and quality education in these realms. It cultivates the learning habits and skills of students by experimenting with learned concepts in science and technology. Aishwarya has stood first in technical and competitive knowledge areas and seeks hardworking and curious students for the wholesome learning environment, which we warmly welcome here.

Dharma Dev Bhatta

Campus Chief.

Why AMC ?

The salient features of Aishwarya Multiple Campus for learning among aspiring people are:

  • Qualified and Trained Lecturers,
  • Tranquil and Modern Buildings,
  • Well-equipped Science Lab,
  • Well-stocked Library ,
  • Education Tours
  • Banking Internship, Report Writing, and Presentation, Workshops,
  • Field Visit,
  • Workshop Seminar,
  • Special Guest Lectures.

Scholarships at AMC

Scholarships are available to brilliant and poor students and underprivileged students from 12 percent provision of scholarship by Aishwarya Multiple Campus.


The facilities provided by Aishwarya Multiple Campus are as follows:
  • Science & Computer Labs
  • Sports
  • Library
  • Scholarship
  • Free Internet

The various programs at AMC are as follows:

BSc General

B.Sc. General has been updated in curriculum by Tribhuvan University. At Aishwarya Multiple Campus BSc General is study of pure science, computation, researches and interdisciplinary subjects to produce scientific researchers fields like pharmacy, medical lab technology, research and development Engineer, Science teacher, Software developer careers from the completion of this program with Tribhuvan University degree in Nepal.

Bachelor of Business Studies

Bachelor of Business Studies is four years program of Tribhuvan University. It is running at Aishwarya Multiple Campus to provide conceptual knowledge of business and administration to work in different sectors of business and also in startups.It combines lectures, group discussion, problem solving, field work and practical works.

Master of Business Studies

Master of Business Studies is two year program that provides conceptual knowledge of business and Management , enhance research skills, problem solving, decision making and strategic thinking. The study of this program allows to meet demand of high level Managers who take charge of his lower subordinates and works to realize objectives of organizations.