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Alka Institute Of Medical Sciences

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Alka Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) was established with an emphasis on having a healthcare environment with nurse studies as a focus. The role of the Nurse is very functional across systems of health maintenance that are changing and sees also a change in the medic’s role for acute and chronic care. Since the establishment of Nurse College in 2065 B.S. Alka Institute has been successfully running the PBBN program of Purbanchal University and PCL Nursing of CTEVT, Certificate in General Medicine (HA) and Diploma in Lab technician programs under the CTEVT in fixed quotas. Regarded as the "Center of Excellence” in nu education, it has also addressed rural problems of the nation and the significance of the supply of caretakers and medical professionals in deprived areas with a feasible Human Resource Management program by this college.

Why Alka Institute ?

The Post Basic Bachelor in Nurse is a two years degree of PU at Alka Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS). This degree produces competent graduates with advanced knowledge, positive attitude, and practical skills in Medical Science. It also helps to strengthen vocational skills, teaching-learning process, and leadership capabilities of nursing Professionals, and facilitate equitable hospital services. The curriculum covers Midwifery, Community, and Hospital Nursing. This Institute is ISO 9001:2008 Certified. It has organized many events about health care in the past.


Alka Institute of Medical Sciences (AIMS) has adequate infrastructure for learning and training with various facilities like:

  • Hostel
  • Cafeteria
  • Internet Facility
  • Science Lab
  • Medical Management
  • Parking
  • Placement
  • Counseling
  • Scholarship
  • E-library
  • Tour

AlMS also conducts various groundbreaking research on different subjects with National and International Organizations in the joint venture. It is conveniently located at Hattiban, Lalitpur.

The various programs at Alka Institute are as follows:

Post Basic Bachelor of Nursing

Three years post basic Bachelor of Nursing is provided by Alka Institute of Medical Sciences of Purbanchal University. It is aimed for providing nurse health specialist in hospitals of community, midwifery in governmental and non governmental health agencies. The course of studies are grouped accordingly in Midwifery, Community Nursing and Hospital nursing. 

Certificate Level in Medical Laboratory Technology

Alka Institute of Medical Sciences offers three years CTEVT program called Certificate in Medical Laboratory technology. This program provides knowledge of clinical lab testing, quality control system of medical laboratory and special lab investigation for clinical samples. The course combines theory and practical works within the comprehensive settings of medical labs or hospital.

PCL in General Medicine

Alka Institute of Medical Sciences have three years PCL in general medicine-health assistant program of CTEVT. The study of this program allows to provide mid level health professionals at rural community of health care. It provides exposure to hospitals and emergency services of  medicine students. From the completion of this program students can become a health information technicians or auxilliary health workers.

PCL Nursing

Alka Institute of Medical Science offers three years Certificate/Diploma in PCL nursing of CTEVT. It has theoritical and practical courses combined to enhance the knowledge, skills and attitudes to perform as nurses in healthcare profession and therapeutic nursing care of sick adult.