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Alpine Management College

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Established in 2009, Alpine Management College (AMC) is located in the city of Nepalgunj, which is considered the educational hub of the Mid-Western region of Nepal. After getting an affiliation through Pokhara University to run a BBA program, Alpine Management College has been running this program, associating highly skilled professors with an excellent outcome in the region. The BBA degree program has been recognized as one of the most demanding management degree courses since it was started. Although BBA itself is a highly demanding course, the college also gives more priority to practical sessions like project work, demonstrations via multimedia, and real-time case studies. Alpine Management College also prioritizes internships for the overall development of the students. Moreover, the college conducts seminars and workshops at frequent intervals. AMC also conducts regular class tests along with midterm and send-up exams to help our students get prepared for any type of assessment.


The mission of the Alpine Management College is “to provide quality education for leadership," and at the same time, the AMC mission is to offer a practical education to the students, which helps to improve their educational strength and boost their personal growth in the near future.


The facilities of Alpine Management College are as follows:
  • AMC gives high quality educational atmosphere to its students.
  • The  Alpine Management College has high degree of success in board examinations which is reflected in its results. This is also an outcome of periodic evaluation of students taken through class tests.
  • To maintain discipline in its students and college staffs, the college has monitored its premises and classrooms with CCTV.
  • All the staffs of Alpine Management College are cooperative and easy going with students.
  • With state of art facilities maintained in libraries and teaching rooms, computer lab with internet facilities, it reflects the dedication of college towards implementing modern and innovative teaching methodology for the betterment of the education. Bearing in mind that the educational quality is not hampered due to power cut-off, the college has arranged a power back-up system as well.
  • Alpine Management College offers more practical classes than any other colleges along with internship (training) and job placements. It organizes educational tours and field visits annually.
  • There is a provision of tuition fee remissions for deserving students based on their performance and financial needs.
  •  Alpine Management College has a good canteen facility in highly discounted prices. Foods and drinking waters are clean and hygienic.

Why Alpine Management College

The Alpine Management College has been running one of the best BBA degree program inside the country.

Scholarships at Alpine Management College

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The various programs at Alpine Management College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Administration

Strive to become a successful business persona? Study Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA) at Alpine Management College to promote in-depth knowledge of several aspects of business and management. Read more to know about the further details regarding this course and admission procedures.

Bachelor of Hotel Management

Alpine Management College offers four years Bachelor of Hotel Management program of Pokhara University. BHM program is eight semesters program of 15 credit hours per semester. It provides integrated knowledge of English language, business management, social sciences, information systems, and two specialization courses each in seventh and eighth semesters. It comes with theory and practical skill based learnings for students to have hospitality readiness skills from experienced and qualified Professional instructors at Alpine Management College.