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Annapurna Polytechnic Institute

Contact Information

Phone: 01-061-414117 | Email:

Annapurna Polytechnic Institute is constituent Campus of CTEVT and is situated in Annapurna Gaupalika, Kaski. It offers Diploma in Agriculture Plant Science and Animal Science streams. It has been approved from Ministry of Education. Annapurna Polytechnic Institute provides three years Diplomas in technical education at an affordable fee structures. It has proper infrastructures and facilities for students to help them throughout the study period. The academic programs are run by trained instructors accredited under CTEVT program. The classes for students run six days a week. This institute is encapsuled in a clean fresh and green environment. The course instructors of Annapurna Polytechnic Institute and administrative staffs are cordial and very supportive towards learning of students.

Why API ?

Here are some reasons to study at Annapurna Polytechnic Institute:

  • Moderate fee structures for a high quality technical education 
  • Eco friendly environment and friendly course instructors
  • Proper facilities and equipments for learning and demonstrations
  • Best College for intermediate level agriculture study in the region
  • practical approach of learning
  • easily accessible from different parts of the City.

Scholarships at API

The students of Annapurna Polytechnic Institute with outstanding achievements qualify for CTEVT qualified scholarship among list of scholarship receipients.


The facilities provided by Annapurna Polytechnic Institute are:

  • Science lab
  • Library
  • Scholarship
  • Conference room
  • Study tour
  • counseling
  • Seminars
  • Events and programs organized by Institute

The various programs at API are as follows:

Diploma in Agriculture (Plant Science)