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Apollo International College

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Apollo International College (AIC) was established in 2010 AD to produce competent business manpower by providing quality business education in Nepal. AIC is situated at a prime location in Kathmandu at New Baneshwor and has been imparting quality education as per the needs of society to its students. Apollo International is affiliated with Pokhara University.

Why Apollo College ?

Apollo International College consists of a team of well-facilitated faculty members who are professionals working in different sectors of life, including educators, entrepreneurs, academicians, and professors. As much as it focuses on building a proper base for higher studies in management, it also gives equal importance to extracurricular activities and motivates students in overall academic and nonacademic activities. Apollo creates a perfect learning environment and keeps tabs on every individual’s progress and well-being. With proper guidance and counseling, Appolo International helps broaden their horizons in terms of better career growth in the future.

The teaching and learning methodology is far from old-school and conventional, as the curriculum and syllabus are not just limited to textbooks and courses. The students are given practical assignments with periodic evaluations. Audio-visual demonstrations and group discussions are making them more interactive and attentive. The field visits also help them to explore and boost their confidence. They are also prepared in terms of seminar paper presentations and classroom interviews with internship opportunities and job placements at the end of their course.

Scholarships at Apollo College

In addition, Apollo International College also facilitates different types of scholarships (full/ half/ partial) on various categories to those individuals who are academically good or to those who are needy.


Apollo International has a well-stocked library with extensive course books and non-course books, as teaching and learning materials. The classes are spacious with equipped infrastructures. There is also a well-furnished and hygienic canteen with hygienic food at a reasonable price. There is an environment for sports and extracurricular activities.

The various programs at Apollo College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration program at Apollo International College is affiliated to Pokhara University. This program provide the required knowledge and skills of various areas of business Administration which help graduates to build intellectual ability and Managerial skills. The course is grouped into foundation courses 39 credit hours, core courses 57 credithours, concentration 12 credit hours, marketing 18 credit hours, finance 21 credit hours, Human Resource 18 credit hours, Small Business and Entrepreneurship 18 credit hours, Elective 6 credit hours and project work and internship 6 credit hours. Students can also select the nonbusiness elective subjects of  their choice in the BBA program for four years at Apollo International College. 

Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance

Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance is a curriculum designed to provide students specified knowledge on Banking and Insurance along with other managerial subjects. The four years program is divided into eight semesters with foundation courses 33 credithours, Management core courses 45 credit hours, banking and insurance core courses 30 credit hours, electives 6 credit hours and project work and internship of six credithours. The objective of this program is also to develop communication and interpersonal skills, class activities, group discussion and individual presentation. 

Bachelor of Hotel Management

Bachelor of Hotel Management of Apollo College is an undergraduate program that provides the fundamental skils required for handling hotel and catering operations. It is an intensive four years program of Pokhara University. The four years course is divided into eight semesters. Subjects are relatable to hospitality and tourism Management with course of tourism and hospitality with food production and patisserie, room division management, hospitality accounting, room division Management, Human resource Management, hospitality marketing, tourism business environment and their economics, project work and internship to impart both theory and practical knowledge and skills to its students.