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Aryan School, is the capital body of the Aryan School of Engineering and Management within the Aryan educational unit. This college is located at Mid Baneshwor, Kathmandu. At Aryan School, various technical disciplines are carried out and a good number of individuals are pursuing their ambitions to become future engineers. As described in the college website.

Based on the website the institution, is ranked in the Top 9th Engineering Colleges of Nepal by Nepal Careers 360. The official website mentions that Civil Engineering students are taken to Dubai Tours during their final year. The college believes this initiative helps to expose pupils to global scenarios on what benchmarks modern technology has reached.

Based on the data on the college website, Mr. Prakash Dahal the principal himself is a Master's in Civil Engineering degree holder. Therefore, we can assume that the Civil Engineering department, at the institution led by the principal himself, should be a strong unit and also has a dozen members comprising of HOD, DHOD, R and D Coordinator, Core Faculties, and Visiting Faculties. Likewise, the Computer and Management department has a very good team with good educational background and expertise in their respective domain.

Why Aryan School

The Aryan School has given more emphasis to the field of Science and Technology which delivers the change in the country's education.

The institution believes that the development of a country depends on improvement in the field of Science and Technology. Therefore, Technical education plays a crucial role. As a result, it cannot be excluded.

It is a destination for individuals who want to pursue their career aspirations and pave the way to a bright future in the field of Engineering and IT. The school provides innovative teaching methods which will challenge, inspire and equip the students with the skills and knowledge required to achieve one's goals. This institution provides various technical degrees, where employers and future researchers will offer great opportunities for work placements for building contacts in the future.

They provide various infrastructures which meet international standards which include well-equipped classrooms with workshops that demonstrate the use of different instruments. The college provides several sports facilities such as basketball, table tennis, and a badminton court.

The official website mentions that students are taken to Dubai Tours during their final year. The college believes this initiative helps to expose students to the global scenario of what benchmarks modern technology has reached.

Extra Information

The various programs at Aryan School are as follows:

Bachelor of Engineering in Civil

The Aryan School of Engineering provides  a Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering.This college is affiliated to Purbanchal University.It provides a course for  4 years.The students who have passed their high school with Science as a major  subject is eligible to apply.

Career Prospects:

The Civil Engineering careers come in all shapes and sizes which can take you anywhere in the world.They can work as  a consultant,designing and planning projects.The students who graduate  from this field can work for a contractor,planning and managing work itself, or work in the public sector.

Bachelor of Computer Application

The BCA degree is a  computing course based on advancement of computer application.The  course is provided for 4 years.The students  who  have passed their high school  with Management and Science stream are eligible to  apply.

Bachelor of Business Administration

The  BBA  degree is based on management stream.It is affiliated  to Purbanchal University.The students who are high school graduates in science and management stream are eligible to apply.

Bachelor of Information Technology