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Asian College of Higher Studies

Contact Information

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Asian College of Higher Studies (ACHS), affiliated with the National Examination Board (NEB) and Tribhuvan University in Nepal, has offered Plus 2 education since 1998. ACHS can be found in Ekantakuna, Jawalakhel. It is a co-ed education institution for both boys and girls to study different programs such as science, management, hotel management, humanities, law, and fine arts in Plus 2 level under one roof, and Bachelor of Business Studies, Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology, Bachelor of Business Management, and Bachelor of Computer Application programs in Bachelor level. This foundation follows the student-centric approach of teaching with discipline to achieve outstanding results. This organization paves the way for students to become leaders later on with a promising future through strong learning foundations.


It strives to be recognized internationally as a premier education institution with outstanding instruction programs and foundations that are based on knowledge, understanding, and compassion.


Asian College of Higher Studies is committed to contributing to society through their field of teaching of the highest academic standards to those who are in pursuit of life-based knowledge and skills and becoming a flagship for a higher level of knowledge in the country.


Facilities provided by the ACHS are as follows:

  • Computer lab

Equipped with the latest in hardware and software They aim to support the needs of the schooling, research, and administrative functions of the institution through the state-of-the-art computer lab. All individuals are given access to unlimited high-speed internet.

  • Hotel management lab

The center is fully equipped with kitchen laboratories and a professional restaurant, which are used for practical cooking and serving sessions. Classes held in these facilities allow each individual to train in real-life situations.

  • Science lab

The college is fully equipped with separate, well-maintained, spacious, hygienic, and well-equipped physics, chemistry, and biology laboratories with modern apparatuses and ample, varied materials or specimens. Our technical staff provides close support to students to transform their learning into useful practical knowledge.

  • Extracurricular activities

Apart from regular academic courses, they give equal importance to the participation of every student in sports, music, art, and other social activities. It will help to make them dynamic and confident leaders in the days to come.

  • Student Council:

The Student Council body helps students on campus solve their grievances or problems effectively.


Asian College of Higher Studies (ACHS) is popular among other colleges due to its various teaching methodologies:

  1. Lectures
  2. Practicals
  3. Seminars
  4. Field Visit 
  5. Interactive classes
  6. Assignments
  7. Project Work
  8. Continuous Assessment

Many students choose this ACHS college due to various reasons like:

  • Centrally located in its own building.
  • Peaceful setting and peaceful education in an environment.
  • Decidedly qualified, dedicated, and cooperative instruct faculty. 
  • Well stock library with up down the reference book in a library.
  • Well-lit and ventilated classroom equipment advanced teaching-learning technology.
  • Full equity Physics Chemistry and Bio Laboratories. 
  • Lab with high-speed Broadband Internet access.
  • Incorporation of modern technologies in teaching-learning.
  • Co-curricular activities include most important qualitative research work interschool writing workshops, project work, research works, presentation, and communication skills.

Scholarships at ACHS

Highly meritorious students with outstanding results are provided scholarships at the Asian College of Higher Studies which are allocated to a limited number.

Principal Message

Dear Aspirants,

My heart is sleeping up with great joy and welcoming you to the academic and intellectual real of ACHS School which is founded and run by a bunch of experienced teachers and Entrepreneurship to enhance exploration and impart management education in Nepal obviously in the short period we have proved it by creating prospective leaders of the nation we do and you speak is the way we shape the members in ACHS. In a nutshell, It is a tutoring organization where you can create yourself explore who you are and finally step out realizing how you can change the world around you. This is what we carry as a motto of our institution. In ACHS you can pursue your dream to be a leader having a multitude of prospectus and reasons so again will come you all to be a part of the TEAM ASIAN. May the almighty bless all of you.

Message from the coordinator 

Dear prospective students,

Welcome to the Asian College of higher studies for the Management and Science tuition here we provide you the practical and value-based education that matches the present need of the student and will never compromise on the issue of educational excellence and a scenery learning atmosphere as we all know that of a century is the age of good leaders in entrepreneurs so we also your we all are sure your dreams that right from Asian College. Just trust us, come and see for yourself.

Scholarships at ACHS

Highly meritorious students with outstanding results are provided scholarships at the Asian College of Higher Studies which are allocated to a limited number.

The various programs at ACHS are as follows:

BSc Computer Science and Information Technology

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

Bachelor of Business Studies

Bachelor of Business Management

+2 Law

Asian College of Higher Studies Plus 2 program of  National Examinations Board is two years intermediate program after SEE that provides foundation knolwedge over the history of judicial system of Nepal along with Principles and General theories, Constitutional Law and Nepalese Constitution, Legal drafting, procedural law, Human rights, civil rights and justice in the field of legal environment of Nepal. It also opens gateways for higher studies in Legal field such as LLB.

+2 Science

Plus 2 Science is a two years program of National Examination Board at ACHS that provide fundamental knowledge of an integrated package of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology which provides a base for higher study in Engineering, Nursing, Information Technology, Medical  fields.

+2 Management

Plus2 Management under new curriculum of NEB provides foundation knowledge in the higher level of Management studies with combination of theory and practical applied areas such as General Management, Accounting, Finance, Marketing to later play the role of Managers, Leaders and Administrators in various organizations.

+2 Humanities

Plus 2 in Humanities is a Foundation level course under National Examination Board, Humanities and Social Science Streams. It combines the knowledge of social sciences for Plus 2 students with language, mass communication, sociology, psychology, Marketing, Business Maths, Economics, society functions. 

+2 Hotel Management

Plus 2 Hotel Management program is affiliated to National Examinations Board. At ACHS, this two year program provides foundation knowledge in the field of hospitality industry and tourism Management. This program has been approved by The Ministry of Education, Nepal.