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Asian College of Management

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Asian College of Management or in short ACMT, was commenced with an endeavor to fulfill the growing quest of IT professionals in Nepal. Launched by well-versed personalities of Nepal, ACMT is highly based on technical and skill-oriented learning than just conventional lectures. We are among the few colleges in Nepal that render a world-class education that aids our pupils to compete even at the international level. Our chief programs include Bachelor of Information Management (BIM) and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology (BSc CSIT) which are more coveted by the pupils. Moreover, we offer both undergraduate and graduate courses under our highly qualified faculty members. Under the affiliation with Tribhuwan University,

Asian College of Management offers you innovative plans that boost your intellectual power. We value the craze of Nepali students over IT, and hence our courses are designed in such a way that individuals can afford it without hindering the quality of knowledge. We set out assignments for our pupils that are more skill-oriented and creative. To blossom the creative part of individuals that offers them endless opportunities in the coming days is our primary goal. Eventually growing a skillful manpower that can take our country to the global degree or even advancer than that. Overall, we courtesy you to the path where the world is at your fingertips and you have the power to bring positive changes in separate as well as people’s life through technology. Founded by well-experienced professors, researchers, authors, and IT professionals, the Asian College hand well-informed about what a student wishes for or what s/he is supposed to have as the course outcome. Asian  programs are totally and originally based on technical education instead long and boring lectures because we understand that IT is a technical course that requires skills. Our courses are designed by the founders themselves who are known for their proficiency in their respective fields. We are more student based so that our learners learn more. Asian College of Management tends to depart worldwide quantity of knowledge as IT is the same all over the globe and hence single could show their talents even at the international level.

Asian College offers BSc CSIT and Bim Programs under bachelor's degree.

The various programs at Asian College of Management are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Administration

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a 4-year multi-disciplinary course that prepares students to specialize in various fields of management such as banking, insurance, finance, accounting and much more. At Asian College of Management and Technology it is affiliated to Purbanchal University. The total course is divided into eight semesters. Besides the regular program it also consist guest lectures and Industry visit.The college provides free laptops to support the students learning. Asian College of Management also provides scholarship for the toppers. Classes run on two shifts at morning 6:45 to 11:15 A.M. and day shift from 11:30 to 16:30 P.M.