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Asian Engineering College

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The Asian Engineering College is a college offering education facilities in the field of architecture and civil engineering. Asian is affiliated to Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training (CTEVT). Asian is located at Shankhamul, Kathmandu. Asian  the campus is easily accessible from any corner of the valley using public vehicles.

This institute runs the Diploma in Architecture Training and Diploma in Civil Engineering programs.

Scholarships at Asian Engineering College

Board topper and entrance topper are rewarded with a full scholarship at Asian Engineering College. Students securing the top three ranks in each year of course are rewarded as well. If a person with a full scholarship fails to perform well in yearly examinations the scholarship will be terminated.


The facilities offered by Asian Engineering College are as follows:

  • Well-maintained and upgraded practical labs are offered.
  • Library with textbooks, reference books, journals, and magazines are provided. Students acanissue courses or other related books at home by use of library cards/li>
  • Computer labs are upgraded to hardware and software levels so that scholars will not face any problems to run their work.
  • Sports facilities are also available which are basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis and badminton.
  • Classes are run through audio-video technologies by the use of projectors. Internal assessments, regular assignments, and presentations are conducted and performance arisvaluated accordingly which helps in improving individual's study.
  • Asian engineering college organizes tours, industrial visits, and many more events as well. The transportation facility is delivered by bus. The canteen provides hygienic foods at affordable prices.
  • Teacher and parents meeting helps in monitoring the activity of each individual closely and proper actions are taken to them. Guest lecturers in the related fields are called occasionally so that they will have more knowledge in the related fields to prepare for the future.
  • Asian engineering college participates in many other competitions like sports, singing and dancing, etc. which it believes are needed to be done to grow graduates in other fields as well.
  • Course study only does not fulfill all the necessities oo, the extra curriculum helps in fulfilling those necessities.
  • Peaceful, friendly, and effective classes make scholars' life better.

Additional Information

Admission Procedure at Asian Engineering College

Interested candidates must have secured at least 60 percent marks in major subjects like English, Mathematics, and Science. An entrance exam is conducted by Asian Engineering College. Selected candidates should appear in the interview. For the admission process, students should appear with their proper guardians. Asian Engineering College management team verifies whether the student is eligible to join the campus or not. Administrative decisions will be the last decision that has to be accepted by every individual. Each faculty has 48 seats available.

The various programs at Asian Engineering College are as follows:

Diploma in Computer Engineering