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Asian School of Management & Technology (ASMT) is situated in the Gangabu, Balaju area of Kathmandu Valley. The Asian School of Management and Computers currently offers BIM and B.Sc.CSIT degrees affiliated with Tribhuvan University. This Asian is founded by the team of Atlantic Education Network, which runs the BBA and BBA-BI programs at Atlantic International College.


The Asian School of Management and Technology (ASMT) offers all kinds of facilities needed in a good college along with extra curricular activities such as:

  • Extra Professional Course
  • Sports
  • Seminar
  • Library and Properly set up Labs
  • Cafeterias.


Asian School of Management and Technology is chosen by many students due to various reasons:

  • State of Art Administration and Science School,
  • Affordable Education,
  • Modern Facilities,
  • Professional Development in Technology and Management Skills,
  • Extraordinary Level of Achievement,
  • Exemplary Team of Dedicated Faculty Members.

Principal Message

Welcome to the academic world of the Asian School of Management and Technology. Asian School provides students intellectual learning environment with high standards in academic performance and academic and co-curricular activities. We focus on imparting real-life based skills through our market-driven programs in control, Information machinery, and Computing programs. We share a philosophy called " real skills for real lives" 

Best wishes!

Er. Anil Lal Amatya


The various programs at ASMT are as follows:

BSc Computer Science and Information Technology

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Technology is program that provides knowledge related to Computing and Information Technology. It involves conventional lectures, practical classes and project works throughout the studies of this program. This course mission is to prepare students to pursue career advancements in Information Technology due to emergence of global technologies, new business for data processing, data communication and management in the ever dynamic networking environment of business world. This program is of Eight semesters with 126 credit hours. It consist of Computer Science courses, Natural science and elective courses, Mathematical courses, English courses, Social Science and Management courses, Computer Science elective courses, internship/project works. This program is run by Tribhuvan University, Institute of Science and Technology Department at Kirtipur, Nepal.

Bachelor of Information Management

Bachelor of Information (BIM) was launched by Tribhuvan University to meet the needs of demand of every growing IT professionals.The purpose of this program is to develop socially responsible and result oriented IT Professionals. It equips the graduates with skills and attributes required to become an efficient IT professional to match up the pace of fast changing world and corporate sector.Career opportunities include Software Engineers, Program Analyst, System designers, Network Managers, Database Administrators. Faculty of Management designed this course on the parameters of Foundation courses 24 credit hours, business courses 30 credit hours, Information technology and computer courses 60 credit hours, electives 6 credit hours, Internship and summer project 6 credit hours,

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

BCA or Bachelor of Computer Application is a four years eight semesters program of Tribhuvan University. It is a popular degree in the field of Computer Application or Computer Science. It focuses on creation and dissemination of knowledge for students to master them on Information Technology and services provided to mankind. The BCA program has eight semesters with 126 credit hours. Each semester is of six months duration . The courses are categorized as core courses 71 credit hours, mathematical and statistical courses 9 credit hours, language courses 6 credit hours, elective courses 12 credit hours, social science and Management courses 15 credit hours, Project work and internship 13 credit hours. It is affilated to TU, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Bachelor of Business Management