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  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Bachelor of Health Care Management
  • Bachelor of Hotel Management

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Atharva Business College was founded in 2013 AD by eminent academicians having rich educational experience. The team of Atharva is totally focused, committed, and result-oriented. The college inherits its name from Atharva Veda. Atharva Veda, a scripture of Hinduism, known to be the storehouse of all knowledge. It is affiliated with Pokhara University and is offering Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM), and Bachelor of Health Care Management (BHCM) programs.
Ideally located in Bansbari, (Near Australian Embassy) Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, the college intends to provide the students with a best learning environment and groom them to take on leadership and entrepreneurial roles in the future. The ‘motto’ of the college is education for excellence and the college always strives towards fulfilling this very motto. Atharva has been triumphant in honing the learners' potentials and transforming them into diligent, skilled, and efficient leaders in today's competitive business world.

Objectives: Atharva Business College (ABC) has been committed to providing quality education with innovative principles and ideas in the business management field in order to provide high valued human resources for the nation. Hospitality, Health Care, Business, and Entrepreneurship sectors have been growing day by day with the growth of the world economy. Competitions, challenges, nature, and even the taste and desire of valued customers have been changing in the same manner. In order to solve these problems and change them into opportunities, we need management leaders with innovative ideas and skills. Atharva Business College bridges the gap between need and supply of human resource management

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Principal Message

I am delighted to welcome all prospective students, parents, guardians, and well-wishers at Atharva Business College. Our inclusive ethos and commitment to the highest standard in teaching-learning activities are establishing Atharva a nationally renowned business college among the colleges. I expect each student comes here with strives to achieve the aspirations through hard work. Students arriving here from diverse backgrounds share common bonds; they value learning, respect each other, and appreciate the skills and expertise of their teachers. At Atharva, we are committed to creating a caring environment that fosters respect, integrity, and personal achievement in an open and innovative method. Along with facilitating the students to learn the principles and practices of management/administration, we value the learning of right attitude, co-operation, respect to the labor, and a motive of hard-work, which are the core needs of each successful leader today.

Manoj Kumar Thapa Magar, - Principal

Why Atharva Business College ?

The college is promoting a better learning environment for students to explore their potentialities. Atharva College increases a time to learn and to be absorbed in and leadership manager, entrepreneurs and the leader to lead the society. Atharva Business College is committed to the highest standard in teaching learning activities are establishing. As Atharva is a nationally renowned business college in the nation, the management team is committed to creating a better environment that encourages the development of respect, integrity and personal achievement featuring new methods. Except facilitating the student, most values are given to learning of right attitude; respect the labor which is the needs to become a leader in today. Every student is preferred to work hard and  great efforts are made to achieve the goal/objective.

Academic Programs at Atharva Business College

Bachelor of Business Administration

The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) program,at Atharva Business College is designed to produce professional managers and entrepreneurs by providing students with profound theoretical concept and practical skills in different areas of business management. The BBA degree is 4 year, eight semesters program accumulates general conceptual courses in management along with the contemporary technical issue in the management such as management information system, datamanagement, e-commerce and operational management.

The students in BBA are required to complete course work, project work and intern to be graduated from ABC.  BBA at Atharva is all about creating new perspective in management with practical exposure and various other credit and non-credit course in each an individual.

BBA at Atharva Business College aims at fulfilling the following objectives.

  • BBA pursuing student here will be able to think analyze and synthesize the current business affair and challenges critically.
  • They will be able to establish a rhythm between the conceptual understanding and practical skills in business management.
  • To produce qualified and professional human resource to serve the nation.

Bachelor of Health Care Management

Bachelor in Health Care Management (BHCM) at Atharva Business College is four years (eight semesters) program of Pokhara University. It bridges health care sectors and management in order to have the effective and efficient management of overall health care sectors including the micro and macro management of hospitals, public health issues and other technical issues.
A huge scale of investment has been added in health industries every year, novel and innovative opportunities and challenges too have occurred day by day. The BHCM graduates from Atharva have been able to fulfill and face these challenges in different organization around the country.
As BHCM program is a pure management program related to the health care issues. We prepare our students providing intensive and extensive intern opportunities in various health related organizations.
Our graduates are able to manage the upgraded, reliable, qualitative and efficient and effective health service in different hospitals and health care.
There is high level of scope for BHCM graduates in the government and non-government health service sectors, NGOs and INGOs, private hospitals and health cares as our graduates high level potentials as the health care managers and professionals managing health service as the most sensitive issue for the public.

Bachelor of Hotel Management

Hospitality is a fastest growing industry in the world and Nepal is no exception. Nepal is well known for its indigenous hospitality. This industry has been a major source of national income. Besides this, the industry has tremendously changed socio-economic status of the people directly or indirectly involved in this sector.
BHM, here, at Atharva Business College (ABC) is a four years (eight semesters) program affiliated to Pokhara University. The program is initiated with an urge to produce efficient hoteliers and entrepreneurs who can make difference in this industries in the future. Our graduates are able to find novelty and innovative ideas in this sector as hospitality industry is service industry which is never complete and has a space for upgrade ever.
They will have tremendous opportunities to interact with this industry through lots of competitions, fairs guest speakers and industry mentors. Our theory and practical based education system will help our students achieve their future career goals.
We feel proud to state that there is 100% job placement facility for our graduates in national and international job market as they have saught in this industry when they complete their intern.
BHM at Atharva Business College aims at fulfilling the following objectives.
Our focus is to produce managers and entrepreneurs for hospitality industry with particular specialization in food and beverage, culinary and room     division.
To prepare our graduates able to find innovation in hospitality industries.
To make our students able to face every challenges in hospitality industries

Scholarships at Atharva Business College

Atharva Business College provides academic scholarships for deserving students based on the academic achievements and considering other factors. We reward our semester toppers with cash prize and gift hampers to boost their morale and encourage them to achieve the excellent results. Our students have appreciated our scholarship and reward schemes.

Infrastructure & Facilities

           Our facilities:

  • Well facilitated infrastructure
  • Experienced and professional faculty members
  • Individual caring
  • Internship and placement assistance
  • as placement partner
  • Antarprerana as business incubation partner
  • Public service commission exam preparation classes
  • Other soft skills development programs and Value added activities
  • Association with Hospitals, Hotels, MultiNational Companies(MNCs), Corporate Houses and Government agencies
  • Technology enabled classrooms
  • Free internet access
  • Cafeteria with hygienic food
  • Transportation
  • Sports and Recreational Activities
  • Hostel with best accommodations

Additional Information

Students are eligible for admissions in our undergraduate programs if the following prerequisites are fulfilled: 
For Eligibility:
  • The student must have a minimum of 12 years of formal education from Nepal or Abroad
  • At least 2.0 CGPA or 45% marks in High School (+2) 
  • Minimum grade “D+” in every subject at 11th and 12th Grade. 
The selection process is based in Entrance Exam followed by Interviews. 
Admission Application should include:-
Certified copy of the academic transcript of school level.
Certified copy of the academic transcript of +2 or intermediate level or A Level.
Certified copy of the character certificates of +2 or intermediate level or A Level.
Original migration certificate.
Certified copy of the citizenship certificate.
Note: entrance examination will be conducted individually.

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