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Atlantic International College

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Atlantic International College (AIC), in affiliation with Pokhara University, was established to facilitate students with quality education and proper knowledge in the realm of management faculty. The need for a well-managed and proper management college was highly felt with the increasing number of students opting to study management; hence, Atlantic International came into existence with a team of skilled professionals and faculty members to create a better learning environment for the students to help them stand out amongst the crowd in the global scenario.

Atlantic International College has successfully conducted graduate and undergraduate management programs such as the BBA, BBA-BI, and MBA. With a team of qualified faculty members consisting of professors, researchers, authors, and academicians working together to disseminate excellent education in an academically friendly environment, Atlantic International Campus is always in an attempt to produce experts in the fields of trade and commerce, manufacturing, service, banking and insurance, and many other facets of management.

Objectives of Atlantic International College:

AIC has been striving to achieve its motives every day by imparting quality education at an affordable cost.

  • To begin a Master of Philosophy (M. Phil.) in Management.
  • To create professionals in the management sector.
  • To create job opportunities through providing short-term and long-term training.
  • To perform research based on management and policy.
  • To assist in formulating and implementing management education policies at the government level.
  • To become an accountable institution.


The facilities provided at Atlantic International College are as follows:

  • Library

There is a well-stocked library with a wide array of course books and other references, as well as literary and non-literary books, with subscriptions to the leading dailies within the country along with international books and journals.

  • Labs

Atlantic International College has a well-equipped computer lab with power backup and unlimited internet facilities.

  • Sports

AIC organizes various sports on a timely basis, keeping in mind the mental and physical growth and refreshment of the students.

  • Cafeteria

AIC also has the facility of a hygienic canteen, providing healthy food to the students at an affordable price.

  • Seminar

Atlantic International College conducts various seminars about social interests and causes. There are also seminars for personality growth and development.

Why Atlantic International College

Er. Shankar N. Adhikari, the principal of the Atlantic International College, believes that the institute provides a vibrant learning community that encourages a three-way partnership between students, parents, and the college.

Based on the principal message from the institution's website, we concluded that students have achieved outstanding success in the university board exam, which is shown in their results. The institution management team feels a great sense of pride and pleasure in their achievement. He feels that his hard work and dedication have resulted in success in a short period of time.

Atlantic International Campus has a dedicated team of professionals, academicians, authors, and engineers. At Atlantic College, teaching is a passion and a calling. The importance of instilling good behavior and values in students is the main objective of the Atlantic Institute. Discipline, dedication, and diligence are the solid foundation of AIC.

Atlantic International College (AIC) considers that AIC can offer a unique and serving standard of teaching and learning to the student that focuses on the overall growth of their personality—mind, body, and spirit. Atlantic International College (AIC) also provides a supportive and encouraging environment in which students can develop personally and professionally.

Scholarships at Atlantic International College

Full and partial scholarships are provided based on academic merits and/or need-based scholarships. Also, there are provisions for scholarships for students with disabilities or students from marginalized communities at Atlantic International College.

Extra Information

Scholarships at Atlantic College

Full and partial scholarships are provided based on academic merits and/or need-based scholarships. Also, there are provisions for scholarships for students with disabilities or students from marginalized communities at Atlantic International College.

The various programs at Atlantic College are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Administration

Are you among the people who are interested in the business and management sector? Then graduate in the most demanded and popular course in management i.e Bachelor of Business Administration. Browse to know the reasons why you should join Atlantic International College and also get other additional details.

MBA - Master of Business Administration

Elevate your managerial and organizational skills by getting a Master degree in Business Administration. Browse to get information to join Atlantic International College. Also get other information regarding the fee structure, admission criteria, and other general requirements. 

Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance

Inspired to join a specialized course called Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance? Get the details about the course and college. Also know more about applying for this course.