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Baglung Technical Institute

Contact Information

Phone: +977-68-520138

Baglung Technical Institute can be found in Ramrekha, Baglung bazaar in Baglung district. It is a private academic institute offering CTEVT affiliated Auxiliary nurse midwife and TSLC Community medical programs. It has also been approved by Nepal Nursing Council and Nepal health professional council bodies. Baglung technical institute has a firm footing in establishing technical and vocational eductaion and training for students of this province who aspire technical careers in Nursing and medical fields.

Why BTI ?

Here are the reasons to study in Baglung technical institute:

  • Centrally located in Baglung bazaar
  • recognized from Nepal Nursing Council and Nepal health professional council
  • CTEVT affiliated training and education 
  • expert teaching faculty and modern resources
  • has produced many students as technicians in mid wifery and health care technicians

Scholarships at BTI

Students with outstanding academic performance in technical programs of Baglung Technical Institute are eligible for receiving scholarship under the selection of CTEVT Classified scholarship exam result.


The facilities offered for students in Baglung technical Institute are:

  • Scholarship 
  • Science lab
  • Library
  • Counseling
  • job placement
  • Cafeteria
  • Medical services
  • Internet

The various programs at BTI are as follows:

TSLC in Community Medicine Assistant

TSLC in Auxiliary Nurse Midwife