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In the year 1990, Baneshwor Campus was started by a team of social workers, renowned academicians, and scholars as a non-profit teaching institute in Baneshwor, Kathmandu. The institute is on a public campus and is run by a team of well-skilled and experienced teaching staff with the support of the community. From the very beginning, Baneshwor College has been including the local people and community in several operational campaigns and development aspects run by the college, as the college realizes that the participation and contribution of the local people and community in such a campaign are helpful. Since its establishment, Baneshwor Institute has been providing quality education with affordable fee structures. Baneshwor College has been running several educational faculties at various levels, which include Intermediate +2, Bachelor, and Masters degrees. It runs middle courses in management, humanities, and education, where it runs bachelor's courses in BBS, BA, and B Ed; it also runs the master's course in Master of Business Studies (MBS).

Baneshwor runs its educational courses in three different quantities: Intermediate (+2), Bachelor, and Masters Degree, with highly professional teachers in a friendly environment. In midway extent, management, humanities, and education are taught; in bachelors level, BBS, B.Ed., and BA are taught; whereas in masters level, MBS is taught.


The main goal of Baneshwor Campus is to provide quality education in affordable fee structures targeting the majority of students coming from middle- and low-income families and developing their analytical capabilities by increasing their prospect of knowledge.

Why Baneshwor Campus ?

Baneshwor Campus is chosen by many students due to various reasons:

  • It is a non-profit organization run by well-skilled and experienced teaching staff in a learning atmosphere with the support of the community.
  • The campus provides quality education in affordable fee structures to students who don’t have a good family income.
  • It has a well-equipped library with more than 3500 book volumes.
  • The college has better sports facilities, including a good basketball court, volleyball court, and table tennis board.

Scholarships at Baneshwor Campus

Although Baneshwor Campus itself is a non-profit organization and runs the courses in a very low fee structure, it provides scholarships of a total of Rs. 5000 to those students who top the intermediate level and Rs. 2500 to every faculty toppers.

Additional Information

Admission Procedures

Intermediate (+2)

Applicants can apply for the halfway level after the new session starts every year. The applicant must bring the required documents with them, which include the original mark sheet of the SEE board along with the character certificate and passport-size photo.

Bachelors Degree

Those candidates interested in applying for the Bachelor must have completed Intermediate (+2), PCL, or an equivalent quantity. The candidates must bring all the required documents for the admission procedure, which include the original transcript and migration certificate, the character certificate of a previously attended academic institution or board, and a passport-size photo.

Masters Degree

The applicant must have completed the bachelor's level before applying for the master's level course on campus. The applicant must have all the required documents, like a transcript and migration certificate, a character certificate, and a passport-size photo, while applying for the Master's level course.

The various programs at Baneshwor Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Looking ahead to build a promising career in the areas of business? Then study Bachelor of Business Studies at Baneshwor Campus and grab the opportunity to widen your knowledge regarding the concepts and skills required in a realtime working environment. Learn more details regarding the entrance examinations and other criterias.

Bachelor of Arts

Study the course of Bachelor of Arts (BA) and reveal yourself to the various aspects of arts and literature. Baneshwor Campus is well known for offering this course and providing you the proper environment that fosters your personal growth and development.Gain more information about the program provided by this college and several other details from the given link.

Bachelor of Education

Wish to earn a reputed profession in the education sector? Baneshwor Campus offers you the course of Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) that is probably the best program for entering into the education sector. Learn more about the specializations of this program and the merits of studying in this college.

Master of Business Studies

MEd - Master of Education

+2 Science

+2 Humanities

+2 Education

+2 Management

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