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BBA College in Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur district in Nepal is the smallest covering an area of 119 square kilometers. It is bordered by Kathmandu and Lalitpur District in the west, Kathmandu and Kavrepalanchwok District in the north, and Lalitpur District in the south while Kavrepalanchwok District is situated to the east.

Business administration is a vast field that includes numerous management professions. For the success of all types of operations, from large corporations to small firms, qualified administrators are required. The BBA colleges in Bhaktapur are TU affiliated. The expertise gained through a BBA emphasizes topics like leadership dynamics, business management, human resource management, advertising, marketing, law firms, and finance.

List of management colleges in Bhaktapur :

Bhaktapur Multiple Campus:

Situated in the peaceful district of Doodhpati, this campus was founded in 2016 B.S. The construction of Bhaktapur Multiple Campus served as a building block for the city of Bhaktapur's educational infrastructure.

Adarsha Multiple Campus:

Founded in 2063 B.S. (2007 A.D.), this is a community-based, service-oriented, and nonprofit institution with affiliation to Tribhuvan University (TU).

Bagiswori College:


Founded in 1992 AD (2048 BS), this is a public campus in Nepal's Banke district, associated with the National Examinations Board and Tribhuvan University (NEB).

Chanakya College of Management:

This reputable educational organization offers upper secondary courses (+2 course) in Management and Science (proposed), BBS, and MBS.

Jana Adarsha Campus:

This TU-affiliated campus situated in Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur district, offers a bachelor's degree in business studies.

Janapremi College:

Established in 1990 AD (2046 BS), this is a professionally run private school that provides high-quality education at a reasonable price.

Khwopa College:

This community-based, service-oriented college was established in 1999 A.D. with the united efforts of the faculty from different fields, visiting professors, medalists, professionals, and academics.

Padma College:

Situated in Bhaktapur's Durbar Square, this college seeks to provide globally applicable education by providing BBS, B.Ed, and MBS programs through affiliation with Tribhuvan University.

A few well known BBA positions in Nepal are:

  • Banker Accounting
  • Assistant Finance Manager
  • Manager of Human Resources
  • Data Analyst
  • Content Writer
  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Travel Manager
  • School Coordinator
  • Tourism Manager

Nepalese BBA College with TU affiliation in Bhaktapur

TU-affiliated BBA colleges, both public and private, are listed here.

  • Bhaktapur Multiple Campus
  • Adarsha Multiple Campus
  • Padma College
  • Janapremi College
  • Khwopa College
  • Bagiswori College
  • Chanakya College of Management
  • Jana Adarsha Campus

Fee Structure of BBA PROGRAMS in Bhaktapur

University College Name Contact Location Fees
Tribhuvan University Bhaktapur Multiple campus 01-6610200 / 6613199 Doodhpati, Bhaktapur  
Tribhuvan University Adarsha multiple campus 01-6633667 Sanothimi, Bhaktapur  
Tribhuvan University Padma college +977-1-6610326 Durbar Square, Bhaktapur  
Tribhuvan University Janapremi college +977-1-6630967 Kaushaltar, Madhyapur Thimi, Bhaktapur  
Tribhuvan University khwopa College +977-1-6618031 Dekocha, Bhaktapur  
Tribhuvan University Bagiswori College 6620270, 6613041 Tumacho,Kamalbinayak Bhaktapur-1  
Tribhuvan University Chanakya college of Management 01-6637126, 6632927 Shankhadar chowk, madhyapu thimi  
Tribhuvan University Jana Adarsha campus 01-5093033 Sanothimi, Bhaktapur  

Points to look in good BBA program

  • Make a list of BBA specializations offered at the college or university you plan to attend
  • Conduct research on each specialization's individual components, including overall cost, course objectives, market value, demand, starting salary, etc.
  • Consider the merits and downsides of each option to choose the best specialization for you
  • Choose a specialization that you enjoy and aligns with your interests and future career goals

Internship Opportunities for BBA Graduates in Bhaktapur

  • An internship is a program offered by companies to employ workers, particularly new graduates
  • Internships allow students to put their theoretical knowledge into practice in their field of study
  • There are unlimited internship prospects in almost every nation and professional area
  • To find internships, search online, ask college administration and professors, and inquire with organizations and career prospects in your field

BBA Scope and Salary in Bhaktapur

  • BBA graduates can find career opportunities in marketing, finance, human resources, education, marketing agencies, financial institutions, and consultancies
  • Completing a BBA degree provides strong business skills to excel in various industries, including banking, corporate sector, I/NGOs, MNCs, IT companies, startups, and more
  • The average salary for BBA graduates in Nepal is NPR 80,000 per month, with starting wages ranging from NPR 15,000 to 30,000 per month

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