BBA College in Butwal

The urban region of Butwal-Bhairahawa in Nepal consists of several twin cities, one of which is Butwal Sub-Metropolitan. It is located in Rupandehi District of Province No. 5 and acts as the temporary capital of the province. The administrative center of Lumbini Zone is also situated here. The city is known for its rapidly expanding sectors in health, education, construction, communication, trade, and banking. Moreover, the city is recognized for its high literacy rate. There are numerous BBA colleges in Butwal for students who are interested in pursuing the BBA course.

Here is a list of BBA colleges in Butwal:

Siddhartha International College

Established in 2009 and located in Rajmarg Chauraha, Siddhartha International College is managed by a dedicated faculty of professionals, businesspeople, bankers, financial officers, and others. The Faculty of Management Studies at Pokhara University has introduced the Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor of Business Administration in Banking and Insurance (BBA-BI) programs to produce professional managers.

AIMS College

AIMS College of Management is considered the best management college in Butwal. The college aims to provide the highest standard of education in the Rupandehi District of Lumbini province. Aims Education Foundation has been operating AIMS College since 2063 BS with a BBS Program.

Lumbini Banijya Campus

Lumbini Banijya Campus (LBC) is located in Devinagar, Butwal-11, Rupandehi and is a community-based campus that has been reaccredited by the University Grants Commission of Nepal. Since its establishment in 2038 BS, LBC has been providing education in business and management. The college places a strong emphasis on education excellence to help its students reach their full potential and become successful managers and entrepreneurs.

Butwal Multiple Campus

Butwal Multiple Campus was founded in 2030 B.S. and has been running four bachelor's level programs in the faculties of Humanities, Science, Education, Management, and M.Ed. (Nepali, EPM), MA (English, Nepali, Economics), and MBS. The campus aims to provide education to educationally disadvantaged students, women, backward ethnic groups, and others.

Glorious College

Glorious College is a premier institution for high-quality education located in the center of Butwal. The college was founded in 2056 B.S. by a dynamic team of educators with the goal of delivering high-quality education for ideal citizens. The education provided will shape the society of tomorrow.

Brihaspati College

Brihaspati College was established in 2056 B.S. to provide Nepal's future managers with the latest theories, methods, and tools of contemporary management from all over the world. The institution has been highly successful in a short period and is currently the top institution of its kind.

British Management College

A group of devoted enthusiasts who have been working in the field for the past 15 years, developed a new approach to education after extensive research and discussions. The motto "Education for Everyone" was adopted to decentralize the capital-based monopoly of education and make CA and ACCA education available to all interested students. The management and staff of highly experienced tutors are eager to welcome exceptional minds who can fill the gap in the market.

Tilottama Campus

Tilottama Campus was founded in 1996 by a group of committed, knowledgeable, and entrepreneurial academicians. The college was established to meet the escalating needs of parents and students in higher education by offering quality instruction and securing top-notch graduates. Since its founding, the institution has been affiliated with the National Education Board of Nepal and has been offering a +2 curriculum in the scientific and management streams (NEB, Nepal).

Axis College

Axis was founded in 2009 AD by a passionate group of academics with the goal of advancing academic quality in the professional sphere. Offering BBA-BI (2009), BHM (2017), and BBA (2017) courses in areas outside of the valley, it is certainly a forward-thinking university dedicated to excellence in the hospitality and management fields. Axis College, a contemporary, vibrant institution associated with Pokhara University.

Butwal Model College

Co-educational Butwal Model College is a member of the Pokhara University-affiliated New Horizon College & Kathmandu Model College educational network. It has been offering the BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration) degree for seven years, and the MPGD (Masters in Population, Gender and Development) program since 2009.

Crimson College of Technology

A group of committed academics with expertise in IT, business, health sciences, and engineering founded Crimson College of Technology (CCT) in the year 2000. The college currently offers Pokhara University-affiliated BBA, BCA, BCIS, Bachelor in Pharmacy (B.PHARM), and B.Sc. Medical Lab Technology (BMLT) programs (PU). Additionally, the college has been operating Crimson Hospital, which offers 50 beds and a 24-hour emergency care, successfully since 2012.

Kshitiz International College

KIC, a division of New Horizon College that offers academic programs, has evolved into a venue for students to explore their potentials and pursue high-quality management education. Since 2009, when we started offering the BBA and BBA-BI programs, they have served as a platform for students to explore their potential and pursue high-quality education.

New Horizon College

New Horizon College was founded in 1989 with an unmatched dedication to academic achievement, under the effective time management of committed academics, social workers' philanthropists, the business community, professors and lecturers, professional teachers, notable sports figures, and the most responsible locals.

A few well known BBA positions in Nepal are:

  • Banker Accounting
  • Assistant Finance Manager
  • Manager of Human Resources
  • Data Analyst
  • Content Writer
  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Travel Manager
  • School Coordinator
  • Tourism Manager

Nepalese BBA College with TU affiliation in Butwal

  • Aims College
  • Lumbini Banijya Campus
  • Butwal multiple Campus
  • Glorious Campus

Nepalese BBA college with Pokhara university in Butwal

  • Siddhartha International College
  • Brihaspati College
  • Axis College
  • Butwal Model College
  • Crimson College of Technology
  • Kshitiz International College
  • New Horizon College
University College Name Contact Location
Tribhuvan University Aims College +977-71-540350 Butwal, Rupandehi
Tribhuvan University Lumbini Banijya Campus 071-410500 Devinagar, Butwal
Tribhuvan University Butwal Multiple Campus +977-71-540134 Golpark, Butwal
Tribhuvan University Glorious Campus +977-71-438044 Butwal, Rupandehi
University College Name Contact Location
Pokhara University Siddhartha International College 071 -550544 Kalikapath, Rajmargh Chauraha, Butwal
Pokhara University Brihaspati College +977-71-522944 Bhairahawa, Rupandehi
Pokhara University Axis College +977-71-438350, 438355 Tilottama-03, Janakinagar Rupandehi
Pokhara University Butwal Model College 071429193 Omsatiya-1, Kataiya, Rupandeh
Pokhara University Crimson College of Technology 071 410380, 9857020752, 9857075029, 9857085188 RupandehiDevinagar, Butwal-11
Pokhara University Kshitiz International College +07-438676,437676 Butwal 10,Kalikanagar
Pokhara University New Horizon College +977-71-437602 Butwal, Rupandehi

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