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Itahari is a sub-metropolitan city in the Sunsari district with seven municipalities that has recently developed into a central transportation hub in eastern Nepal. It is one of the biggest cities in the country. The intersection of the Mahendra Highway, which runs from east to west, and the Koshi Highway, which runs from north to south, is located in Itahari. In Itahari, there are numerous BBA colleges. Since BBA is a popular undergraduate subject, all of the city's universities offer it. Itahari is a great place to study BBA because there are many employment and career prospects. Furthermore, this city gives choices for higher education, including MBA programs.

List of BBA colleges in Itahari :

Green Peace Lincoln College

As a privately owned institution of higher learning, Green Peace Lincoln College was founded in 2014 A.D. (2071 B.S.) and is situated in Itahari, Sunsari district, Nepal. It is a cutting-edge educational institution developed by a committed, professional team of educators. This college offers programs ranging from entry-level to master's level in management, science, and the humanities. It is 500 meters away from Itahari's main chowk and is quiet. It has highly qualified faculty, novel teaching methods, an open scientific evaluation process, and cutting-edge technology.

Itahari Namuna College

The goal of Itahari Namuna College (INC), located in the centre of Itahari Sub-metropolitan City, was to become the premier educational institution in the area when it was founded in 2070 B.S. (2013 A.D.). The college offers a variety of Bachelor's level courses in a stunning, relaxed, and welcoming atmosphere on its grounds with high-tech infrastructure. The college is associated with Tribhuwan University and offers graduate degrees in BASW, BCA, and BHM.

Kasturi College

As a privately run institution of higher learning, Kasturi College was founded in 1998 A.D. (2055 B.S.) and is situated in Itahari, Sunsari district, Nepal. For high-quality education, it is one of Nepal's top academic institutions. For programs leading to a Bachelor's degree, it is connected to Purbanchal University. In terms of outcomes, academician appeal, job placements, teachers, academic success, and opportunities for several career paths, Kasuturi College is a pioneer. This college is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Nepal's Eastern Zone. Bachelor of Commerce Studies (BCS) and Bachelor of Business Administration are two of the Bachelor's degree programs offered by Kasturi College's Faculty of Commerce and Management (BBA).

Mahendra Multiple Campus

The Mahendra Multiple Campus (MMC), Dharan, was founded in 1955 A.D. (2012 B.S.) as a constituent campus of Tribhuvan University. It is situated in the centre of the town in the Sunsari region of Nepal's Dharan sub-metropolitan city. Under the faculties of Management, Humanities, Law, and Education, it has been providing higher education. MMC is one of the top universities in the eastern part of Nepal. It has excelled in fostering higher education and generating talented workers to meet the country's needs.

Dharan College of Management

The Dharan Institution of Management was founded as a privately owned management college in 1999 A.D. (2056 B.S.). It provides four-year, full-time Bachelor's degree programs in management, including the BBA, and is associated with Purbanchal University. It is a cutting-edge, innovative institution of higher learning that offers top-notch academic goals and highly targeted, skill-based courses to compete in the job market. DCM offers top-notch programs in a setting conducive to study where students are encouraged to thrive in all endeavours. From the beginning, it has made an effort to comprehend, value, and consider the needs and academic goals of the students and to prepare them for career-oriented work in contemporary companies.

Itahari International College

Higher education has been made available in Nepal's Eastern area with Itahari International College since 2017. It is a collaboration between Godawari College, Vishwa Adarsha College, and Islington College (all of Kathmandu) (Itahari). It is the first institution in Itahari to provide a direct degree from a U.K. university. It has a direct affiliation with London Metropolitan University, and the two institutions are dedicated to cultivating thinkers who can compete worldwide. As a result, Itahari International College can provide degrees in business administration and computing in a "support-delivery" approach.

A few well-known BBA positions in Nepal are:

  • Banker Accounting
  • ssistant Finance Manager
  • Manager of Human Resources
  • Data Analyst
  • Content Writer
  • Project Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Travel Manager
  • School Coordinator
  • Tourism Manager

BBA College with Tribhuvan University affiliation in Itahari

  • Itahari Namuna College
  • Mahendra Multiple Campus

BBA COLLEGES with Purbanchal University affiliation in Itahari

  • Kasturi College
  • Dharan College of Management
  • University College Name Contact Location Fees
    Tribhuvan University Itahari Namuna College +977-25-588202 Itahari, Sunsari Not Available
    Tribhuvan University Mahendra Multiple Campus +977-25-521250 Dharan, Sunsari Not Available
    Purbanchal University Kasturi College +977-25-583563 Itahari, Sunsari Not Available
    Purbanchal University Dharan College of Management +977-25-525441 Dharan, Sunsari Not Available

    Points to look in a good BBA College in Itahari

    Here are some guidelines to help you choose the best BBA program :

    First, make a list: Students must indicate any specialities offered at the college or university they plan to attend. Making an informed decision requires having the correct facts to work from. The BBA specializations listed above are some of the common majors offered under the BBA by most universities. Thus choosing one of them will save you time.

    After learning the list of BBA specializations, conduct a study on each component. It would help if you looked into things like the overall cost of the BBA specialization, the course's objectives, the degree's market value, the degree's demand, the starting salary, etc. This will enable you to reduce your selection to a manageable number.

    Now that you only have a few alternatives for BBA specialization, consider the merits and downsides of each option to choose which is the best one for you.

    What do you choose? You can choose a specialism you enjoy by weighing the advantages and cons. After choosing, consider what you want and are interested in, as your selected speciality will determine your future path.

    Internships Opportunities for BBA Graduates in Itahari

    Companies offer an internship program to employ workers, particularly new graduates. For every student, an internship is an ideal opportunity. It can be set up as either a complete- or part-time job.

    The purpose of an internship is to allow students to put their theoretical knowledge to use in the field they studied and plan to pursue a career in.

    The BBA results explain how internships might improve Nepalese business students' professional and personal growth.

    There are unlimited prospects in almost every nation on earth and professional area because the business world is so lucrative. Everything depends on location and what interests you.

    There are numerous options for students, recent graduates, and newcomers to find internships.

    There are many organizations; you need to look for ones that interest you and inquire with them about their internship program.

    You can ask a college's administration if they have an internship program or if they can help you find one if you're a student.

    Ask your professors, seniors, family, friends, and friends if they know of any organizations or career prospects in the field.

    Google it! One of the finest methods is to search online because countless possibilities are available.

    Colleges in Itahari may also help students find internships or jobs.


    Students can choose from various BBA specializations, including IT, Finance, Human Resources, and Sales and Marketing. The student must select a field while considering the BBA capabilities required for it. The BBA scope relies on the specialization they choose.

    Many prestigious corporations in Itahari provide BBA salaries that are highly competitive. The typical pay in Itahari for those with a BBA is also based on positions such as operations manager, marketing manager, financial analyst, and human resource manager, among others. The average wage of a BBA graduate is between NPR 15,000 and 30,000 for freshers.

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