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BBS Colleges in Kathmandu

Bachelor of Business Studies is a full-fledged undergraduate program that provides comprehensive knowledge about Business Organizations and about their Managerial operations in an integrated curriculum designed by Universities of Nepal. This program is available at Colleges that are affiliated to Tribhuvan University, Mid-Western or Far Western Universities in Nepal across the region. Widely speaking, Tribhuvan University BBS program is most popular among the students. It has successfully produced many batches of Graduate students who have wide knowledge and skills of areas such as Marketing, Accounting, Finance and Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management, Economics, Strategic Management, Business Communications, Organizational Behavior which are synonymous with Enterprise setups of modern business. This Program produces competent employees for rendering service at Business Houses of Public, private, NGOs and INGOs to run their daily affairs. BBS program is available at most of the Colleges of government and private. It is 48 months program and departmentalized with Compulsory Courses, Core courses, Concentration subjects with choice on Accounting, Finance, Marketing and Management. Students are also required to complete a field project work in the area of their specializations.

Best BBS Colleges in Kathmandu

Altogether, 635 business schools provide BBS program that are based on either Affiliation or available at Community or Constituent Campuses of their Universities, majority of them are inside Kathmandu valley.

Private Colleges Offering BBS in Kathmandu

There are some reputed private Colleges in Kathmandu that provides quality education and an outstanding result from BBS program. Private Colleges are relatively expensive than public Colleges but it deliver quality benchmark for academic education.

The Benefits of enrolling private Colleges for BBS are:

  • They regularly access their student’s skill and also allow them exposure to the insights of business, industries and organize incubation programs which lead towards the skill development of the students.
  • These Colleges have a sound physical infrastructure with qualified and experienced teaching faculties and supportive staffs to make the academic program go smoothly.
  • Besides, they use technology and make researches to provide a more rigorous learning environment for students in this program.
  • They also bring guest lecturers with vast Professional knowledge and practices to shed knowledge and expertise to groom student’s career.
  • Private BBS Colleges prepare candidates with sound Business knowledge to work as Marketing Officer, Finance Officer, Human Resource Manager, Investors, Portfolio Managers, Customer Relations Officer, Administrative Officer etc. at firms.
  • Although the fee structures generally, in private Colleges it is a bit higher than BBS program at Government Colleges. The education infrastructure, teaching methodology, and other educational benefits can be had from Rs 200000 to Rs 600000 depending on College’s Academic Quality and facilities offered to the students.
  • Student size inside class rooms are less in the private Colleges but in the case of government Colleges it has a larger number of students and this may also arise out of cost of studies at two Campuses. But for research work government Colleges score ahead due to government funding and aids which the private College has in limitations.

Some of the acclaimed BBS College in Kathmandu where most of the students go to study is:

Divya Gyan College

Divya Gyan College at Putalisadak offers BBS program of Tribhuvan University which is more about technology oriented business side of studies and teaching methodologies. View Divya Gyan College website.

Thames International College

Thames Int’l College provides BBS of TU. It is a four years eight semesters program of 120 credit hours in a student centric learning environment. View Thames International College website.

Triton International College

This College at Subidhanagar is a sister concern of DV Education Network. It offers four years BBS program of TU and help students to have reality based skills for learning. View Triton International College Website.

Government Colleges Offering BBS in Kathmandu

Nepal’s literacy rate is fifty five percent of the total population. The literacy program of Government stems from the grass root level from every village, remote areas to access the basic education to the deprived and marginalized communities. We have many academic institutions which are Government owned and funded and they provide education to the Children and youths of our Nations to open doors for employment from which they generate income and as well as contribute in nation’s economic development from their work. Government has facilitated Plus 2 Colleges and Bachelor and Masters Level, M.Phil and fellowship of Research PhD programs for attaining higher level of knowledge and wisdom. They have run the Bachelor level programs like BBS at Constituent and Public Colleges which run under the Principles and guidelines of Government. These Campuses provide academic programs like Bachelor in Business Studies at a reasonable cost and scholarship aids to the financial weak people who need quality education to make a job out of their knowledge and skills. These Colleges are taking more students than private Colleges but about quality standards they never compromise as it is a future and what they do with the degree in life for living is the significance of accessible and affordable education at higher level, in Nepal.

Some of the reputed Colleges bearing a large experience in academic sector of Government Colleges are:

Nepal Commerce Campus

Nepal Commerce Campus is the largest Commerce Campus and the oldest one established in 2021 B.S. It is semi-autonomous and non for Profit institution and offers BBS, BBA, BIM, BBM, MBS and MBM program of Tribhuvan University.

Shanker Dev College

This is a pioneer constituent College of Tribhuvan University. It aims to produce world class manpower in different fields and offers programs that can meet global needs of Graduate citizens. It is a leading Management College and offers wide range of programs such as MBS, MBM, BBS, BIM, BBA, BBM and BBA-FI programs by dedicated and experienced faculty of Professional teachers.

Which one would you prefer? Government or Private?

If you have confusion regarding deciding which one to go on a priority level here are some considerations as takeaways:

  • In Government Colleges, the number of students in one class is way more than the normal class size so the instructors don’t have the full attention over each individual student and will discuss the course to make it understood for a larger audience.
  • Private Colleges gain their reputation with the industrial exposure of their students to gain first hand practical knowledge, they organize teams of visiting faculty who are part time working Professionals and talk about industrial aspects but government Colleges may not be able to facilitate that level of exposure at Private Organizations.
  • Private Colleges provide seminars where they discuss and debate about their investments acquisitions and market trend which Government College doesn’t emphasize so much.
  • Private Colleges have flexibility in learning hours they arrange class in various shifts which can benefit students who are part timers but at Government Colleges the attendance and schedules are tight and student’s don’t be as regular in their studies and opt for tuition classes to pass the final exams and shirk classes. So students see the leverage of joining either one of them out of their convenience.
  • Fees of Government Colleges are much cheaper than private Colleges. The students may not have all the benefits the Private Colleges may provide but still the quality of education is comparatively the same.

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