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The world itself is a beautiful platform and is a homeland for a lot of magnificent places, many of which we may not have explored are still eye catching, pure and still untouched. When it comes of the list among worlds most beautiful and must watch places, one may not forget to name the country having the highest mountain in the world to having over 6000 water resources and still a lot of places to make a visit i.e. Nepal.

I was actually walking down the streets around Bhaktapur durbar square when I heard a foreign couple say "Feeling like we're actually in heaven". It was actually not in my rule list to hear the talks of strangers but I couldn't control and their words were a kind of love and gesture given by the international tourist to our country.

A recent list of the most beautiful places in the world published by World of wonder Lust has included top 25 must visit destinations across the globe. Luckily, Kathmandu valley of Nepal took its place in the 19th position leaving behind many tourist sites. This list is not only the single one to describe the beauty of the country but there are many resources which are enough to explain that Nepal is in its state of representing itself in the international platform. One of these most important resources is the foreign tourist.

Here is a list of some of the beautiful places in Nepal


1. Kathmandu valley

The capital city of Nepal and one of the most historic and oldest cities in the world is actually the heart of the country. Being the capital city, the valley receives thousands of national and international tourists every year. Further, due to the historical temples, structures and civilization people come here to enjoy these visions and acknowledge. The pashupatinath temple which welcomes massive tourists from India, the swayambhunath and bouddhanath along with the durbar square is a centre of attraction for all. One will actually feel that they have actually utilized their leisure and explored this beautiful historic city.


2. Pokhara

The most coveted place just after the Kathmandu valley is Pokhara. The city located on the lap of the nature filled up with natural resources is a dream touristic spot one will explore. Just after a miles distant from the capital city Pokhara stands as a beautiful city consisting of tranquil lakes and overwhelming mountains. This touristic spot is famous for Phewa Lake, Rupa Lake, Begnas Lake and along with that Machapuchre peak and the supporting mountains. Besides people who are longing to give their time in religion will find Vindhyabasini and Barahi temples really very special. If you are a adventure lover then you can travel a little distance to Sarangkot, a beautiful tourist spot for adventure.


3. Lumbini

When it comes about Lumbini in my mind the very first statement that I come acros to acknowledge  is BUDDHA WAS BORN IN NEPAL. It is needless to explain such an incredible place where Light of Asia was born. The place is an epitome of peace, love and harmony. The very special thing about this place is that it receives massive tourists from the eastern part of the world where Buddhism is the main religion. The mayadevi temple, Asoka stupa and other historical structures here are the main sites of tourist attraction. Every year a huge amount of support and economy is spent for the development of this place and to promote tourism here. This has been done with the help of the countries such as Japan, Mangolia, Myanmar, China and countries from the eastern world.


4. Everest Base Camp

 For the people who are excited to do something exciting, thrilling and exploring in life we have got something special for them. It is an adventures enthralling journey in the high Himalayas leading from the base camp to the highest peak of the world. Situated in the Khumbu region the base camp is actually the gateway to the peak spot. Along with mountaineering one can take the lifetime experience of trekking and camping. In this way the base camp here has turned down as one of the best touristic spot for international tourists.


5. Chitwan National Park

The first national park of the country has been listed in the list of world heritage sites in 1984 by UNESCO.  The Chitwan National park has a history of over three decades in park management and resolving the disputes and problems regarding the local people and the park. Chitwan is actually special for this national park which consists of 68 species of mammals, 544 species of birds, 126 species of fishes and many others. The park is famous and is especially renowned for the protection of one- horned rhino, Bengal tiger and gharial crocodiles.


6. Rara Lake

The largest lake in the country is located in the thrilling and most adventurous part of the country. The beautiful and pleasant lake is famous for sightseeing and boating. Along with this the lake is famous because of the fact that it is surrounded by Rara national park around it. The rara national park itself is famous in various endangered species of plants and wildlife. So tourist can actually get to experience such an incredible journey of their lifetime.


7. Bhaktapur

Just after a few distance away from Kathmandu is the most medieval city of the country i.e Bhaktapur. Bhaktapur is the cultural gem of the country and is very famous for colorful markets, lively people and pagoda style old structures. When it comes about the sightseeing, there are lots of places to make a visit. The Bhaktapur durbar square, The national art gallery, Surya Binayak, Changunarayan are some of the most beloved places to visit in the country.


When it comes about visiting some place its not just about exploring something but it's about exploring the best that you can experience. It's about you and the learning that you receive throughout your lifetime. I don't have to say anything because the place itself says everything to the ones who are nature lovers. So, come, explore and then discover the real facts.

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