BHM Colleges in Chitwan

At  Chitwan, there are some fine Colleges dedicated to providing Hotel Management programs under the affiliation of University providing four years Bachelor of Hotel/Hospitality Management with internship facilities. Here are some of the names of good Hotel Management Colleges which are:

1. ISMT College

providing four years Bachelor of Hotel/Hospitality Management

This College is located near Naurangi chowk, Chitwan. It offers Bachelor of Science Honors in International tourism and hospitality Management from University of Sunderland United Kingdom. This is a three years program of a total 360 credits. Depending upon the area of study based on the interest of individual students, career doors open in the Hotel industry, food industry, cruise lines, airlines, catering, resort Manager, Hotel Manager etc. Credit transfers of students are also possible in Australia, United Kingdom, and The United States of America.

To visit ISMT, click here→ ISMT College| British Degree in Nepal| Affiliated by University of Sunderland| BBA, BHM & BSc. IT| Best BHM Colleges in Chitwan

2. Balkumari College

Balkumari College at Chitwan was established in 1986. It has also been awarded by Quality Assurance and accreditation. The Bachelor of Hotel Management program is tied up with Tribhuvan University. It provides education and a broad understanding of the hotel and hospitality industry. This College at Narayangardh is well equipped with basic kitchen, bulk kitchen, demo kitchen, bakery, training restaurants, suite room standard room, locker room, and well-furnished class rooms.

3. Forbes College

This College is located at Bharatpur Metropolitan and offers Bachelor of Hotel Management of E.H.E European University Switzerland in four years eight semesters program. The total program is 240 credit hours with thesis and internship work. Students’ future at Forbes College is shaped by qualified, experienced, and dedicated Faculty of Hospitality Management.

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