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In Kathmandu, there are very good Colleges for studying the Bachelor of Hospitality Management program. Some Colleges are affiliated with National Universities such as Tribhuvan University which run a 4-year semester BHM program along with Pokhara University, Kathmandu University, Mid-West University, and Purbanchal University all run four-year academic program in this category.

Some Private and International Colleges run Bachelor of Hospitality Management with international tie-ups to prestigious institutions such as Leeds Beckett University in the United Kingdom, UCSI University, Nilai University, Pearson Edexcel United Kingdom, Queen Margaret University of United Kingdom, EurAka University.

The BHM course is about international operations and technological applications that prepare the students with specialized knowledge and skills along with large-scale service and as well as small business Management of Hotel industries. The Colleges providing this program have overall an excellent infrastructure with experienced and trained Professionals for providing the academic knowledge, workshops, and projects for producing educated and skilled graduates through this program in Kathmandu City which is a hub of tourism and a chain of five-star hotels catering to their accommodation and travel needs.

The Colleges also provide specialization courses such as Food production, Food and beverage service, Rooms division Management, Hospitality Sales, and Marketing to students who want to pursue a career path in one of these fields. This Program is not only for Hotel lines but also services in the tourism industry of Nepal such as Casino, Hotels, Restaurants, Event Management Companies, Convention centers, Cruise ships, and Banquets. This program is also an excellent platform for Entrepreneurship by starting on your own in the hospitality business.

BHM Colleges in Kathmandu also set standards in their quality of service provided to their customers and guests through this program. It also gives scope for Personality development, presentations, art work, customer relations and networking, marketing, and day to day operational activities of hotel chains.

Here are some recommendations for finding a good BHM College in Kathmandu:

  • One that you can afford

There are Colleges with a wide range of fee structures for BHM programs. Usually this program is four years, however some Colleges which are internationally reputed have a higher cost than the College which are affiliated nationally. Not everyone can afford a high cost BHM at a modern College so careful assessment of budget and criteria for scholarships must be analyzed.

  • More staffs in the Full time faculty

The more the full time Faculty over part time and visiting faculty more you can have availability and access to them during your BHM four years program. Also your College have already made investments to hire full time staff who are there to help you and assist you during your academic period and more you will be able to interact and take their sound advice.

  • Strong Campus culture

Usually a good Hospitality based College has everything at their disposal and they have equal focus on credit and non-credit courses. They emphasize on developing skills and churn the students to a group of Professionals ready for the Hospitality industry with workshops, training and Management. They also have strong values and code of ethics which are required to be followed during the learning of BHM program.

  • Solid Accreditations:

Most Colleges in Kathmandu, have quality benchmarks with accreditations of internationally certified Hospitality industries, Brands or reputations. This is a hallmark of quality for a learning program like Bachelor in Hospitality Management program and graduating with a degree that has a worldwide recognition and honors.

  • Practical workshops and training:

Hospitality course is about preparing for the hospitality sector and it combines theory and practical equally. Colleges provide in house training, workshops, internships that allows practical exposure to real life work conditions and areas of specializations where students can gain an opportunity to experience the real work environments, culture of that organization and service quality to be maintained by future employees.

  • Good facilities:

Good hospitality industries have excellent facilities such as limited classroom size with multimedia, computer labs and library with enough references, group learning activities, workshops, Food and beverage services and hospitality services with hands-on practical. The learning environment will be supportive and friendly. Every student will benefit from the facilities and teaching methods from a good BHM College.

  • Job Placements and referrals:

Your Hospitality based College has a very strong desire to see you thrive personally and also professionally. They have tie ups with hotels, airlines, trekking agencies where you can be referred to with your degrees and years of training along with your dedication in this field.

  • Small class size:

Smaller the class size, more attention and focus will be towards you and your studies. Your instructor will have more attention on how you perform in your academics, training, workshops and presentations and there is room for refinement. Your relation with the Faculty will be stronger and support will come your way in a small class size over a large class size.

BHM Colleges in Kathmandu:

TU Affiliated Colleges:

NATHM College: Nepal Academy of Tourism and Hotel Management provides BHM program of Tribhuvan University. Their quality of education in Hospitality and tourism will help to acquire knowledge and skills to meet supervisory positions and professional handling of catering and hotel Management roles and duties.

Nepal College of travel and tourism Management:It is Nepal’s first travel and Tourism College. This College has become a Center of Excellence of Tourism research. BHM at this College is affiliated to TU in a four years eight semesters program.

Golden Gate International College: This College provides an education level of international standards. BHM programs brush up competences and attitudes towards the hospitality industry and set standards over quality of service provided to customers and guests.

Pokhara University Affiliated Colleges:

Atharva College: The academics of Atharva College, builds up innovative ideas to produce competent Management leaders. The BHM program at Atharva caters to needs and operations of Hospitality industries with refined services in food and beverage, room division producing innovative hoteliers from their academic program.

Liberty College: It is located at Anamnagar. The BHM program of Pokhara     University at Liberty College targets building leadership qualities and keeping up the education standards of the hospitality industry in services such as Food Production, confectionery, Food and beverage, customer handling, accommodations operations to run on a daily basis.

Purbanchal University Affiliated Colleges:

Morgan International College: This College runs the BHM program of Purbanchal University. It helps to infuse analytical and critical skills to produce knowledgeable and skilled manpower for the Hospitality industry. This program lasts four years and eight semesters. It also covers internship and report writing.

Apollo International College: It was established in 2010 and runs a BHM program to produce skilled and trained human resources who can fill up to perform supervisory roles and also establish themselves as entrepreneurs of small and medium scale business enterprises.

BHM Colleges in Kathmandu Affiliated to Foreign University

Padmashree International College: Padmashree International College is located at Tinkune, Kathmandu. It offers BA Honors in Business and Hospitality Management of Nilai University in a sound infrastructure with highly qualified and experienced faculty in the Hospitality industry.

The British College: This is a world class College that offers international degrees with their ties to Leeds Beckett University. B.Sc.(Hons.) Hospitality Business Management provides knowledge about hospitality sectors to foray in this journey with creativity, entrepreneurial and critically well informed to make robust informed decisions. It is four years including the first year as foundation year.

Some of the popular world class BHM Colleges inside Kathmandu are:

  • Padmashree International College
  • NATHM College
  • International College of Hospitality Management
  • Nepal College of travel and tourism Management
  • Padmashree International College
  • White House Graduate School of Management
  • IIMS College
  • International School of Management and Technology
  • Central College of Business Management

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