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BIM Old Questions TU

Here, we provide you old questions of BIM for the students who are preparing for examination. Our main intention is to help out those students making them available, the collection of questions from different colleges of Nepal. The collection includes both internal as well as board exam questions.

With the increasing demand and scope of IT, Students are showing their interest in IT day by day. Noticing this fact, most of the colleges have been running IT courses. BIM is one of those courses and number of students are also increasing for this program.
As per the research, many Students are found searching BIM questions. Old questions are collected so that students can predict the frequent questions asked in the examination. Students can prepare according to the question patterns even when they are not provided clear model of questions from their colleges.

Presently, most of the students are found engaged in different jobs and some of them are not able to go college for study. Those students depend on the old questions for the exam preparation. Model questions are especially helpful for those students but even other regular college going students can get benefits from this model questions. Question bank not only gives an idea to students but also build confidence level of them. As a result, the outcome will be even better as students can score better marks in exam. Best result means advantage for both the students and college. 

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