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Birendra Multiple Campus was founded in 2022 BS and is one of the Tribhuvan University constituent campuses for higher studies in Chitwan. Birendra Multiple is located in beautiful, peaceful premises at Bharatpur and offers programs in the faculties of science, management, humanities, and social sciences, all of which are affiliated with Tribhuvan University. In its long journey of 49 years since its inception, Birendra Multiple has set several landmarks in the educational history of the Chitwan district. The colleges celebrated the Golden Jubilant Year in 2071 B.S. and have always tried to provide high-quality education despite having faced many obstacles. Birendra Multiple has plans to introduce new programs to make the academic programs that it currently has more practical and fruitful. The programs will be such that the saleability of the students will be very high. The institution has also made plans to update the courses to enable each individual to taste new things that can be beneficial for them.

The main vision of Birendra Multiple Campus is to be one of the leading campuses of the nation that focuses on academic excellence, hence producing highly skilled, qualified, and competent manpower and enhancing morally motivated leadership. To further this vision, they have set out to achieve the following missions and goals:

  • To educate students to be responsible citizens and ethically sound leaders in local and global professionalism.
  • To empower graduates to pursue meaningful and productive careers within the nation and abroad.
  • To reinforce the student's inherent potential for self-expression, creativity, and innovation.
  • To provide opportunities to explore diverse intellectual, spiritual, and aesthetic traditions.
  • To develop the institution into a physically well-equipped, academically excellent, and research-oriented hub of academic activities at the national level.


With the help of the local people, guardians of the students, educationalists, local institutions, and authorities, Birendra Multiple Institution was able to construct various physical infrastructures that are well-equipped. The Birendra campus has multiple buildings, each for the different faculties of the college. The classes are facilitated with the latest equipment and are well-lit. This institution has a separate modern library facility as well as a computerized system that has specialized software called Libra. There are 40510 books on various subjects within the system.

Besides this, there are different subject-wise laboratories. Various labs for zoology, botany, chemistry, and physics can be facilitated with sufficient apparatus, equipment, chemicals, and furniture. More recently, a separate lab for microbiology and geography was also added to the college premises. Birendra Multiple Campus is also known for conducting different games and extracurricular activities such as football tournaments, cricket tournaments, volleyball and badminton tournaments, quiz contests, etc. with the help of a free student union and other stakeholders. Finally, Birendra Multiple Campus  has a healthy and affordable canteen, excellent 24-hour water supply, and its convenient location in the central part of Bharatpur makes it easier for students to get bus transportation routes.

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The various programs at Birendra Campus are as follows:

Bachelor of Arts

Are you looking forward to pursuing your knowledge in Arts? Birendra Multiple Campus provides an advanced knowledge in humanities, social and cultural studies, languages and music and many other facilities for further information about the college browse the link.

Bachelor of Business Studies

If you are looking forward to joining a course that is internationally accepted and at the same time is affordable, then go for Bachelor of Business Studies. You can go through our link and learn more details about BBS program at Birendra Multiple Campus. 

BSc General

Learn the reasons to study B.Sc and what are its scope to study this course at Birendra Multiple Campus and get to know the advantages, the facilities, infrastructures provided by the college. Also, know the details for admission and other general requirements.

MA - Master of Arts

If you want to sharpen and upgrade your knowledge in Arts, then join the course of Master of Arts at Birendra Multiple Campus to know more about this college fee structure, admission procedure, eligibility criteria, career opportunities and many other details browse the link.

MSc Chemistry

Find out why to join M.SC at Birendra Multiple Campus. Know the details about fee structure, admission procedure, eligibility criteria and many other details. Also, you can directly hear the feedback why to study B.SC at Birendra Multiple Campus.

Master of Business Studies

BSc Chemistry

Are you interested in joining B.SC in chemistry at Birendra Multiple Campus. Read more to know what career opportunity Birendra Multiple Campus provides. Moreover, you can directly hear the feedback from the college students.

BSc Computer Science and Information Technology

Bachelor of Business Administration

BSc Geology

BSc Microbiology

Bachelor of Education

MA Nepali

MSc Physics

Bachelor of Information Technology

MA in Population Studies

Master of Arts in Sociology and Anthropology

MA English

MA Economics

BSc Physics

BSc Tea Technology and Management

BSc Agriculture

Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)