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Birendra Sainik Residential Campus

Contact Information

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In 14th Poush 2035 BS, an educational institute called Birendra Sainik Residential Campus was established at Bhimphedi Makwanpur, Nepal, with the joint investment of the Nepal Army and Tribhuvan University. The residential school/college was shifted to its current location at Sallaghari, Bhaktapur, in the year 2043 BS. Birendra Sainik Residential Campus has been running its Intermediate (+2) level in science faculty since 2038 BS. Since the institution was shifted to Sallaghari, Bhaktapur, the funding has been carried out by the Nepal Army Welfare Fund. Since its establishment, the institute has been providing quality education in a good learning environment and manner. The Birendra Sainik Awasiya Mahavidhyalaya, or Birendra Military Boarding High School, has a perfect location with a beautiful landscape and is surrounded by greenery. The institute is one of the most popular quality education providers in the country, and it is run under the management system of the Nepal Army. Birendra Sainik Residential Campus has also been awarded several awards for its excellence in the field of education.


The main objective of the Birendra Sainik Residential Campus is to provide quality education in a good learning environment to the learners and help them grow into better people in the future.


The facilities at Birendra Sainik Residential Campus are as follows:

  • Birendra Sainik Residential Campus has a well-managed science lab with modern equipment facilities.
  • The college is located away from the crowds which creates an absolute learning environment for the students.
  • The college spreads over a wide area and has enough space for sports and other curricular activities.
  • The college has transportation facilities.

Extra Information

Admission Procedure of Birendra Sainik Residential Campus:

The students interested to apply for admission to the college must have passed the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) level. The candidates having the SLC certificates and without the certificates, can apply for admission but have to go through the entrance test taken by the college. As per the candidates without an SLC certificate even if they pass the entrance exam they have to wait for their mark sheet for the further admission process. 

The various programs at Birendra Sainik are as follows:

BSc General

BSc Microbiology

Bachelor of Business Administration

+2 Management

+2 Science

+2 Humanities