BIT Colleges in Chitwan

Chitwan is a wildlife sanctuary of Nepal in the Terai region. However, many government organizations and projects are operating in the region along with private companies relying on technology and communication systems in general. Some organizations such as Bihani tech, trade Chitwan Pvt. ltd, Nepo Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Narayan Giri tech site, Salayani technologies, and others are always on the lookout for fresh IT graduates to fill their job vacancies for web developers, web designer, IT officer, Mobile App. Developer, Lead developer, digital marketing officer and so that is why the study of Information technology in Bachelor level program offered by one of the best international University College in Chitwan is so imperative:

ISMT College in Chitwan

ISMT College in Bharatpur-12, Chitwan offers Bachelor of Science Hons. Computer Systems Engineering which is a BIT course offered from an international degree of the University of Sunderland, The United Kingdom. The students of this program have credit transfer facilities in Australia, The United Kingdom, and The United States of America. The duration of this program is 3 years and ISMT has excellent full-time faculty members along with state of art infrastructure and resources for students learning and skill development.

Scope of the program:

This program has the best scope in Information technology and Software Companies. Graduates can work in different IT jobs as listed below. They can also study post-graduate programs with specializations in areas of their focus professionally. For organizations, that are involved in areas like research, product development, cyber security, data, and intelligence the human resources who have qualifications in this line of study are appointed with attractive paycheques. Also, Colleges like ISMT have credit transfer with Universities abroad for gaining exposure to job markets internationally in large-scale IT industries.

Careers and Pay Scales in Nepal:

  • IT Analyst: Rs 23000 to Rs 82000 per month
  • Cloud System Administrator: Rs 25000 to Rs 97000 per m.
  • Network and Computer System Administrator: Rs 20000 to Rs 60000 per m.
  • Application support analyst: Rs 23000 to Rs 75000 per m.
  • Application developer: Rs 40000 to Rs 75000 per m.
  • Computer Network Architect: Rs 60000 to Rs 89000 per m.

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