BIT Colleges in Itahari

Most organizations in the technical fields are looking for skilled graduates in the field of information technology. Not only Companies, but Colleges, banking, and insurance, development and project, marketing areas are also looking for graduates who have technical knowledge for teaching, digital marketing, computer software development, big data Engineers, IT Admin staff, etc. Jobs in the service sector that handles large databases, networking, and operating systems are also seeking employees who have solid knowledge and skills in Information technology, which the following College will help to fulfill from Itahari, Nepal.

List of Bachelor of Information technology College in Itahari are:

Itahari International College:

Itahari International College is situated at Dulari Sadk, itahari. It offers a bachelor's degree in Information Technology called Bachelor of Science Hons. Computing is offered by I academy New Zealand and the London Metropolitan University of the United Kingdom. This is three years program that focuses on learning aspects of software development, information systems, networks and distributed systems, and internet computing systems. This College has lots of extracurricular activities with an international exposure trip along with the flagship of innovate nepal grouping.

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