BIT Colleges in Janakpur

In Janakpur some good software and networking Companies perform jobs using the benefits of IT such as System Nepal, Honestly, and the internet market today which are leaders in the market. Parallelly, education in Computing and Information technology area is developing to produce qualified and skilled IT graduates in job positions of IT-based companies vacancies. Many people have upgraded with the revolutionary broadband fiber net connectivity and Companies also provide online services where b2b or b2c.

Janakpur community College:

Janakpur Community College is a new College established in 2022 and it is situated in Ramanand Chowk, Janakpur 8, Nepal. It offers a Bachelor of Information technology program at the Purbanchal University of Nepal in four years 140 credit hours of total study. The College has the most affordable fee structures for students and also has scholarships for qualified students. Janakpur Community College is where students learn through theoretical knowledge, and practical skills, with like-minded student groups in this holistic non-profit College in Janakpur, Nepal.

Companies using IT in Janakpur are:

  • Organic Smart technology
  • Journey 4 tech
  • Trinetra News Network Pvt. Ltd
  • Global security and IT solutions
  • AV Technology Pvt. Ltd.
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