BIT Colleges in Lalitpur

As a potential career in the field of Information technology from Lalitpur, Nepal a fourth populous metropolitan city the trend is humongous. There are IT, telecoms, and software companies that recruit IT to graduate for their job positions such as One touch solutions, Alpas Technology Pvt. Ltd., Hi touch solutions, Via Net communications Ltd., etc. Some BIT Colleges in the area are:

Patan Multiple Campus

Patan Multiple College is in Patandhoka, lalitpur. It offers the Bachelor of Information program of TU in four years, semester-wise program. This is a Public College with all infrastructures and facilities for technical and professional education. The cost of education for the BIT program is affordable as compared to other Colleges in Patan Multiple Campus.

Jobs and salary of BIT graduates

  • Database Engineers: Rs 20000 to Rs 74000 per m.
  • Network Security Engineers: Rs 68616 per m.
  • System Analyst: Rs 497800 per m. on average
  • Software Engineers: Rs. 75900 per m.
  • C programming .NET developer: Rs 60100 per m.

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