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Bluebird SS/ College

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Bluebird Educational Institution, which started as a primary school on January 6, 1961, later augmented to high school and college. It is located in Kumaripati, Lalitpur, and provides a steady flow of knowledge to the graduates every year. Students at Bluebird College, chasing their academic endeavors, can attain plus two courses (which inculcate the Science, Management, and Humanities streams), a four-year BBS program, and two long-year MBS program.

Ever since the beginning, the Bluebird establishment has installed a flawless analytical and pragmatic education system in their approach to offering comprehensive syllables for the students. And it had only been possible with the help of the current Bluebird team, which sits at the heart of their success. With the outright, articulate motto “Meaningful learning matters,” Bluebird College has shown its aptitude for career-oriented teaching, which garners meaning in the student’s life.

By strictly following the syllables and policy put out by the NEB board and TU, Bluebird College runs three major faculties (Science, Management, and Humanities) in the plus two level and a Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) program +2 hence.

Mission and Vision

Bluebird envisions providing quality education that can generate multitudes of eager learners in the community. With that in mind, Bluebird College is persistent in enforcing diversity, collaborative nature, and creative innovation in its disciples.

On the other hand, the primary mission of Bluebird College is to provide genuine education so that the prospect of positive change need not be debated in this fickle and advancing 21st century.

Why Bluebird ?

Students enrolled at Bluebird College can enjoy the benefits of teaching activities that include seminars, lectures, real-time problem-solving exercises, internships, group work, and individual projects.

Every exercise is designed in a manner that makes it engaging and easy for students to understand. At length, it is to encourage the trade of concepts, ideas, and business philosophy and mobilize the acquired knowledge to present the context of the country.

The various programs at Bluebird are as follows:

Bachelor of Business Studies

Master of Business Studies

+2 Management

+2 Humanities

+2 Law

+2 Science